Roll Forming Machines

Model: LFM
Lock former machine LFM is the one that is most required beyond our customers. It is used for forming ventilation locks such as Pittsburgh lock, standing seam lock, single hem, double hem, locking pin, elbow radius element. Those locks are widely use..
The material thickness (mm): 1.2 Power (V): 380/220 Engine power (kW): 1.5
$2 700.00
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Model: f3
Portable machine for standing seam system was designed to profile double standing seam panels that are used for installation of standing seam roofing systems. Double standing seam roofing system is an unique technology, that has a purpose to avoid..
Material width (mm): 250-700 The material thickness (mm): 0,8 Power (V): 220/380
$5 000.00
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Model: fm
Profiling machine FM for double standing seam panels is used for making double standing seam lock of the roofing panels that are used for installation of the double standing seam roofing. The double standing seam roofing is widely used because it&..
Material width (mm): 250-700 The material thickness (mm): 0.7 Power (V): 220/380
$3 800.00
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Model: RPFM
Ribbed panel forming machine RPFM is used to form ribs on double standing seam roofing panels while double standing seam roofing production process. Standard standing seam roofing panels are formed with roll former roofing machine without ribs, but a..
The material thickness (mm): 0.8 Engine power (kW): 1.1
$3 200.00
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Model: F3-1000
Roll former roofing machine F3-1000 is an equipment to produce roofing panels of double standing seam for standing seam roofing production. Standing seam roofing is going to be popular thanks to It’s unique design – it has waterproofin..
The material thickness (mm): 0.8 Power (V): 220/380 Engine power (kW): 1.1-1.5
$5 400.00
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Model: F3 with cover
Roll forming roof panel machine F3 is roofing equipment that is used in process of standing seam roof panel production and standing seam roofing installation. With help of electric motor torque goes from motor through sprockets and the connection cha..
The material thickness (mm): 0.8
$4 700.00
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Model: F3 with length measuring device
Standing seam metal roof machine F3 with length measuring device was designed by our company to produce standing seam roofing panels for the installation of roofs and facades of various buildings and structures. Sheet metal blanks are passed through ..
Material width (mm): 250-700 The material thickness (mm): 0.8 Power (V): 220/380
$5 500.00
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Model: PO-1
Window drip cap roll forming machine PO-1 allows to produce “window trim” profile by rolling the sheet metal through forming rolls. A window trim is an element that is widely used in construction while windows installation. In the standar..
The material thickness (mm): 0.8 Power (V): 220/380 Engine power (kW): 1.5
$5 500.00
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Model: SL-1
Snap lock roofing panel roll forming machine SL-1 is designed and manufactured by our company as one of the flagman equipment for metal roofing panels production. Following machine makes standing seam roofing panels with self-closing lock on sides (s..
Material width (mm): 250-700 The material thickness (mm): 0.6 Power (V): 220
$12 500.00
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Model: f3
Standing seam roofing machine F3 is used for making double standing seam lock for the roofing panels that are used for installation of the standing seam roofing.   The double standing seam lock roofing is widely used because it’s impos..
Material width (mm): 250-700 Operates with: Galvanized steel, Coated steel, Copper Zinc, Titanium, Aluminum Seam height (mm): 25 or 38 (American) versions available
$5 000.00
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Roll Forming Machines


Rolling equipment is a mechanism that forms the necessary profile from the metal sheet with the help of forming rollers of a certain configuration. The configuration of these forming rolls is very important, it determines the type of the required profile. The more complex the profile, the greater the number of rollers required to form it. Evolutioner is a worldwide manufacturer of roll forming machines. If you are from the USA, Canada, Australia, India, Germany, England, Africa or anywhere else - we can arrange delivery directly to you. Let's consider in detail how and why sheet metal roll forming machines are used.


It’s convenient and reasonable to use a roll former machine to produce profiles with different configurations you may need. Evolutioner company designs and manufactures roll forming machines according to customer preferences for non standard profiles depending on customer requests and standard profiles, such as standing seam roof panels, ventilation HVAC locks, window drip cap, wall panels, sandwich panel covers, ridge cap, metal palisade pales, gutter, knauf profiles. It is much better than using standard folding machines to make the same profiles - you can get a product with perfect quality in less time and unlimited length. Virtually any changes can be implemented, as we are manufacturers and we are flexible in terms of optimizing the machinery. Contact operator if you need to change the machine settings or you need it as a standard one.


On our site there is a product catalog where you will certainly find an affordable and powerful metal forming machine for sale. You can also download the catalog.
In this category you can find rolling machines that produce "standing seam panels" with special configuration rolls. There are two main models of machines that differ fundamentally. The F3 roofing machine is more popular because it has 6 pairs of forming rolls. The FM profiling machine has 5 pairs of forming rolls. The adjustment of the width of the roof panel is easier on the F3 portable metal machine due to its design features: The F3 machine has a simple adjustment mechanism, so just use the machine's adjustment wheel to change the width of one panel to another.. On the FM machine, the adjustment process takes much longer, so it is necessary to change position of each roll separately.  An advantage of the FM is its weight. This profiling roll former machine is much lighter, so it is more flexible in terms of transportation.
As an interesting solution for the production of seam roofing we offer a machine for making small ribs on the panels which makes an unusual proposal for customers and helps to get a lot of orders:

Also in this category we have HVAC ventilation machine LFM to produce rectangular and round ventilation system locks:
Therefore, it can be used in companies that have a business in the production of HVAC components. The LFM machine produces the most common and requested locks to perform the ventilation duct assembling process. So this machine is very popular and useful. 

What do you need a standing seam roll former for?

We offer two models of standing seam roll former machines:

Roll former roofing machine FM:

roll former roofing machine F3 (easy adjustable):

F3 model can be various design depends on customer needs

roll former roofing machine F3 with top cover:

roll former roof machine F3 with cross cutting knife and radius rolls:

metal rolling machine F3-100 for 1000 mm panel width:

This high-performance solution meets a wide range of needs. There are many steel profiles everywhere that need to be made - and we can help you do that with our machines. In roofing works, mechanical engineering, HVAC system production, drainage system components production you will find the machine that was made for. Using the metalworking machines we produce, you can get a profitable investment that will pay off very quickly.

Why Evolutioner

Our engineers design roll forming equipment for the production of the requested type of metal profile. We use advanced engineering software to solve complex issues. We will consider any desired profile shape in iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper. Our metal forming machines are designed for professionals installing seamless gutters and metal roofs, HVAC duct systems, metal fence etc. You can read about the guarantees that we provide here.

More details about the types of metal for rolling on machines of LLC “Evolutioner”:

Material Maximum metal thickness
steel up to 1.2 mm
Coated steel up to 1.2 mm
Galvanized steel up to 1.2 mm
Stainless steel 0.7-1 mm
Aluminium up to 1.5mm
Copper up to 2 mm

Metal thickness is the main parameter that we pay attention to when taking an order. Stainless steel of the same thickness may differ in hardness depending on the grade and purpose, can be food or technical. All values are approximate and are discussed specifically when receiving an order from the customer. The maximum thickness of metal that can be rolled on a machine depends mainly on the configuration of the profile to be produced. The simpler profile can be made from a thicker metal and the more complex can be made of thinner metal. Sometimes, in addition to the thickness of the rolled steel, operate with such a parameter as stiffness / yield strength σ.

The  category of double standing seam roofing machines includes steel rolling machines , which rarely use a thickness greater than 0.8mm. Occasionally, copper or aluminum can be rolled to a thickness 1 mm or more. But in most cases coated metals  up to 0.6 mm thick are used.
In the category of lock forming machines for the ventilation mostly used galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 1.2 mm. Most often more than 0.8-1 mm is ordered. Thinner metal is cheaper, and it is not always reasonable to use thicker metal for rolling, as the effect will be the same. 

In the near future we plan to add new types of rolling machines for different profiles:

  • Snap lock forming machine
  • Window trim machine for the production of window sills
  • Flat hem roll former
  • Wall panel machine
  • Sandwich panel cover machine
  • C channel forming machine
  • furring (omega) profile machine 
  • U profile machine 
  • T profile forming machine 
  • Z-profile roll former 
  • L profile roll former 
  • Ridge cap roll former 
  • Round gutter production machine
  • Rectangular gutter production machine
  • Metal palisade pales production machine 
  • Knauf profile machine 
  • Roll former machines for any profile type according to customer request.
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