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Standing seam metal roof machine F3

Standing seam metal roof machine F3

Dimension: 160.00Sm x 85.00Sm x 100.00Sm
Weight: 250.00Kg

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Standing seam roofing machine F3 is used for making double standing seam lock for the roofing panels that are used for installation of the standing seam roofing.

The double standing seam lock roofing is widely used because it’s impossible for the water to get under the connected roofing panels, thanks to lock’s special shape.

After installation on the roof the panels are closed using special double standing seam closing tools (manual tool for closing seam lock or electric seaming machine for closing double standing seams).

The F3 standing seam machine can be easily adjusted for various width of metal roofing panels.

Operator can change the width of the panels with just a single turning handle at one side of the machine. This is a proven technical convenience that allows operator to use his working time more effectively.

F3 standing seam roofing machine is good for making double standing seam panels from all kinds of metals (galvanized steel, steel coated with copper, zinc, titanium, etc.)

F3 standing seam roofing machine has six pairs of forming rolls which firmly bend the metal sheet into a uniform double standing seam roofing panel.

This machine could be produced for using with 220V or 380V electric lines. 


As additional options with F3 machine you can get:


It’s easy to work with our double standing seam roofing machine on a construction site, thanks to manageable weight (250.00Kg/ 550 lbs) and compact size (1,6 m./ 5.25 ft max dimensions).

It allows to reduce handling and logistic costs, save money on workshop area to produce roofing panels.

Standard 25 mm standing seam height and American 38 mm height versions of F3 are available.

Our enterprise has started producing this double standing seam roofing machine since 2005. We have accumulated great experience in doing our job and can offer you a tried-and-tested solution, suited specifically for your business needs.

Contact us for the exact setup quote, technical specifications, contract terms, delivery or payment terms - we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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Standing seam metal roof machine F3
Product Code: f3
Weight 250.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 160.00Sm x 85.00Sm x 100.00Sm
Material width 250–700mm
Operates with Galvanized steel, Coated steel, Copper Zinc, Titanium, Aluminum
The material thickness Steel - 0,8мм, aluminium - 1,5мм
Seam height 25mm or 38mm (American) versions available
Seam type Standing Double Lock
Power 380V(220V)
Engine power 1.1/1.5 (kW)

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