Sheet metal slitting machines

Model: SM-1250х8
Cut-to-length slitting machine is used for longitudinal cutting of the metal sheets with maximum thickness 1mm, aluminum composite panels, paper, polycarbonate thanks to special cutting knives that are fixed on rolls of the slitting machine. This ..
Material width (mm): 1250 Numbers of the strips : 8 The material thickness (mm): 1
$4 500.00
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Model: SM-350
In this variant of electric cutting machine our customer desired to cut metal sheets from width 350mm into 12 strips. The width of one strip is 31.4mm Maximum metal thickness 1 mm Numbers of the strips – 12 The diameter of the roll..
Cutting speed (meters/minute): 10 Numbers of the strips : 12 The material thickness (mm): 1
$3 700.00
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Model: slitter
The sheet metal slitting machine (slitter, cut-to-length machine) is used for longitudinal cutting of the metal sheets with maximum thickness 1mm, aluminum composite panels, paper, polycarbonate. This sheet metal slitting machine lets you to c..
Cutting speed (meters/minute): 10 Numbers of the strips : 4 The material thickness (mm): 1
$3 600.00
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Sheet metal slitting machines EVOLUTIONER


Cut to-length slitting machines are designed to optimize preparatory works when cutting sheet metal into blanks or strips. Typically, these operations may be relevant when a company receives large coils of coated, galvanized or black steel and they need to be prepared for further operations such as roll forming, bending, punching, drilling, welding, painting, etc. Thus, the purchase of a cut-to-length machine may be a desired solution for many companies whose activities are related to sheet metal working, HVAC components production, roofing elements bending, windows flashings production, drainage systems elements production, tinsmith works, doors elements manufacturing, etc.

For all those tasks slitting machine can be required.

Cut-to-length slitting machines make longitudinal cutting of metal into strips of required width and quantity.

We offer the following cut to length slitting machines:

These are the standard models of the machines we produce. But depending on the customer request we can produce customized machines for cutting metal from 2 to 20 strips and up to 1 mm thickness. Standard width of coil for cutting is 1250 mm. But at customer’s request, we can produce machines for cutting sheet metal from coils or metal sheets of 200, 350 mm or any other width, depending on customer’s preferences. These cutting machines are automatic and electrically driven.

Metal can be fed to the machine either in coils or in sheets. The machine is equipped with guides that guide the sheet as it enters the machine and during the cutting process.

The cutting knives of the machine are located on the upper and lower shafts and are fixed with special fixation screws. To change the cutting width or the number of strips, simply unscrew the screw, move the cutting knives to the required position and fix them back. Thus, it takes very little time to readjust the machine from one task to another.

The sheet metal slitting machine we produce can optionally be equipped with a length measuring device and cross-cutting knife. With the length measuring device you can easily set the desired panel length and the machine automatically stops when it reaches this value. The cross-cutting knife is used to cut the material to the desired length. The cross-cutting knife is installed on a special guide located in front of the machine’s cutting knives.

The cut to length slitting machines we offer are a good solution for companies working with sheet and coil metal up to 1 mm thickness. In the production of various metal products at first you have to prepare metal in the form of blanks or strips before further operations. Our slitting machines will make this process more efficient and faster. They can be useful when you plan to make roofing panels on standing seam metal roof machines, produce elements of heating and ventilation systems with lock forming machine, make window trim with window drip cap roll forming machines, produce roofing and window flashings with manual bending machines or cut it with manual punching presses. For all these tasks you will definitely need slitting machines!

For more convenient work we advise to use decoilers and recoilers of coil metal for 5 and 10 t coils.

Our cut-to-length slitting machine is the perfect solution for anyone who cuts metal in various sizes.

By purchasing our machines for longitudinal cutting and cross-cutting of metal you will make the pre-cutting process much faster and easier, save time and money, making your business more efficient.

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