Lock forming machines

Model: LFM
Lock former machine LFM is the one that is most required beyond our customers. It is used for forming ventilation locks such as Pittsburgh lock, standing seam lock, single hem, double hem, locking pin, elbow radius element. Those locks are widely use..
The material thickness (mm): 1.2 Power (V): 380/220 Engine power (kW): 1.5
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Lock forming machines


Buildings of various configurations and uses are usually equipped with HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems that help supply fresh air into rooms, remove exhaust air, and heat and cool air when necessary. Depending on the type of design, duct systems can be round or square. Round ventilation systems can be made with special spiral duct machines or using plate bending machines, lock closing equipment, elbow making machines and swaging machines.

Rectangular HVAC systems can be made with special lock forming equipment to produce duct system locks, a flange folding machine to bend duct samples to square, a lock seaming tool to close HVAC locks and to connect the TDC flange to the square duct.


In this category you will find the Pittsburgh lock forming machine for manufacturing square ductwork for sale. Square ductwork is mostly used in limited locations, if there is not enough space to make large round HVAC systems so it allows you to resize the cross section of square ductwork based on space limitations.

A lock forming machine is a profiling machine in which the shape of a metal sheet is given by rolling it through forming rollers. Such a metal roll forming machine for air ducts can produce six types of different elements for the ventilation manufacturing process. These machines are used in the production of square air ducts systems. Thanks to the lock forming equipment, our customers can produce professional ventilation systems from metal sheets of different thicknesses up to 1.2mm.

Roll former duct machine has a rolling mechanism based on 7 pairs of forming rollers.

1.Pittsburgh lock

On the left side, the rollers of the rolling mechanism form a Pittsburgh lock shape. This type of profile shape is also called an "American" shape. There is a Pittsburgh lock drawing that you can get with our duct forming machine:

2.Standing seam

It is also formed on the left side of the rolling process. The air duct folder-rolling machine can form a standing seam without the need of serious readjustment, you just need to move the guide bar to the required position:

Our machine can produce both the standard lock for square ducts with a standing seam, which is more closed, and, thanks to special additional rollers, a more open lock for a standing seam, which can be used in the production of round pipes and round ducts.

3. Locking pin

Not all HVAC roll forming machines have the ability to make a C-shaped locking pin. But our duct production machine can do it easily because it has special rollers in the middle of the rolling mechanism. The C-locking pin is needed to join the two elements of the standing seam together. The ducting equipment we produce has the ability to calibrate the width of the strip by edge.

4.Single hem 8mm

The rollers on the right side of the forming machine make an 8mm high single hem which connects the Pittsburgh lock during the assembly of the HVAC duct system.
Thus, to connect a duct element with a Pittsburgh lock to an element with a single hem, you have to close it with a special closing machine to get a finished square duct.

5.Single hem

On the same right side of the rollers, the machine can make a single standing hem higher with another bend:

6 Elbow element

In the upper part of the machine there is mechanism for making elbow bends - you may need it when producing elements of square duct elbows:

According to customer preference we can make the duct machine for 220V or 380V electric lines. We have equipped our machine with hardened forming rollers, so the rolling mechanism of the machine lasts much longer.
Using our duct lock former, you can easily manufacture HVAC system elements of desired sizes and length. The Machine can optimize the ventilation manufacturing process, making it more efficient.

How to choose ventilation equipment

In order to buy lock former equipment, you need to figure out what tasks you are going to buy it for. You should remember that the more functions the machine performs, the more orders you can get and the more money you can make. The price of a folding ventilation machine is of course very important but if it’s about 10% difference with other suppliers in the market, then it is worth paying attention to a machine with more functions - you will save and earn that overpaid 10% difference in price on future orders.

When choosing a folding machine for ventilation, pay attention to the small details, for example, the rollers of required machines have to be hardened - this will make them durable for the entire period of operation.

A very important consideration when selecting equipment for duct production is how easy to readjust it for making other operations. Therefore, the best option will be an easily adjustable machine – it will require minimal adjustments to perform various operations in the production of HVAC elements.

To use the machine properly please read the manual before use. In this way, you will be able to check all necessary service operations so that the machine runs long and does not break down.
We recommend lubricating the machine. Lubrication won't hurt it, but it will reduce the wear and tear of the rubbing parts. If you assembled one side of the Rubik's cube as a child, you will get comfortable with the duct machine we produce very quickly.

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