Manual elbow machines

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Model: MEM-150
Manual elbow machine MEM-150 forms elbows from round pipes that are used in process of assembling ventilation and drainage systems. The corrugated elbow looks fancy and it could be produced from the pipes with different diameters. There are two types..
The diameter of the pattern (mm): 90-150 The material thickness (mm): 0.7 Control type: manual
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Manual elbow machines


“If you are an elbow manufacturer or purchaser looking for ways to produce elbows manually & economically to meet the needs of various industries & sectors to improve your business, then here is your chance to achieve your goal. At evolutioner.eu we provide & offer cost effective, economical, highly efficient, manual & a large variety of elbow bending machines both manual & electric to choose from with various specifications & requirements to match your business needs & distinguish yourself from others, so dive in at Evolutioner to experience a world of elbow forming machines like no other, designed only to match & suit your requirements, come and buy one to experience the difference.”

Elbow making machine is a forming aggregate that creates a bend on a workpiece. Linear and rotary motion is used to produce the bend.

We produce both: manual elbow making machines and electric elbow making machines.

An elbow is defined as a length of pipe with a sharp bend. An elbow is generally described as a bend from 0 to 90 degrees, based on the need & design of the elbow. It is used to connect two pipes with same or different nominal diameters and to make the fluid flowing through the pipe turn in a certain direction.

Elbow making machine is special equipment for producing a bend (90 degrees more or less) on a workpiece or pipe using a crimping operation. Elbow machines are also capable of bending other shapes such as round elbow, square elbow, etc.

We at Evolutioner provide a variety of manual elbow bending machines to suit your needs & requirements with the best efficiency & quality of the product that is unmatched & outperforms any other elbow bending machine.

Advantages of manual elbow bending machines

Stable performance: manual elbow bending machines are stable & uniform in their performance & output, avoiding any non-uniformity leading to cracks or damage on one or the other side of the elbow during operation, thus reducing any damage & overhead costs.

Strong and durable: elbow forming machines are strong & rigid in their construction & have a long service life compared to other machines & strong in terms of operation for bending metal of any thickness or gauge.

Automatic: these machines are manual, but the process is totally automated as you just need to configure the settings on the machine & manually operate it, the rest is done by the machine mechanism, which reduces the need for the cost of a totally automated machine.

Multiple types of elbow forming: using manual bending machine, you can form any type of elbow manually based on your requirement, need & application of the elbow, such as:

  • Downspout elbow machine: for producing elbows with a straight extension or with a left or right bend, based on the type of flow you require on the elbows, these types can be helpful in the construction industry.
  • Round elbow machine: for producing round elbows with a long radius of 90 degrees. The elbow is used to change the direction of the ventilation pipe fittings or drainage systems direction.
  • Square elbow machine: for producing rectangular & square elbows designed for range hoods and fan installations.

Fast & continuous process: These machines are capable of producing elbows continuously at a very high pace, thus increasing output & reducing labor, machine time & other defects related to the conventional process.

Simple & easy to operate: These machines are very accurate & easy to use and do not require very high skills to operate, thus reducing labor, training & maintenance costs.

Highly efficient & economical: Elbow bending machines operate manually & save energy compared to fully automatic machines, and reduce purchasing & operating cost of fully automatic machines.

Waste reduction: Consumes less power, saving energy, and the precision & accuracy of the machine results in reduced wastage caused by errors in operation, improper deformation of parts, cracks, damages, etc.

Flexible & accuracy: Elbow bending machines are flexible enough to adapt to any changes in terms of length, thickness, material, gauge, type of bend angle, etc. These machines are capable of producing highly accurate elbow sizes & angles as per requirements due to the use of precise tools & technology in the machine.

Accessibility and versatility: In-house manufacturing causes issues such as delays in time & schedule, design, shape & angle constraints, lack of availability, shipping costs & damage. With an elbow bending machine, you can get safe, reliable, economical, low power & energy consuming, high output and accurate on-site problem solutions. Ensure smooth working on site & provide accurate work for better customer satisfaction.

Business diversification: Diversify your business needs by using portable elbow bending machines for supplying different elements for HVAC systems, hydraulic systems, drainage systems, construction, etc. that can be processed using a manual elbow bending machine.

Design flexibility: Any complex elbow design needed in HVAC, construction, oil & gas or any other industry can be formed in order to improve and match the needs of the work environment.

Portable: These machines are small & compact in nature & can be easily carried to the work site, saving on transportation & other associated costs of shipping readymade parts.


There a large number of applications in the construction industry:

  1. These machines are used in HVAC systems for providing elbow elements in different ducts & pipes.
  2. Drainage systems also use this machine for various piping solutions process industry piping.
  3. These machines are also used in ventilation, heating and cooling systems as well as hydraulic systems.
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