Electric elbow machines

Model: EEM-200r
Electric elbow bending machine EEM-200r is used to bend elbows from rectangular and round pipes with different sizes. Pipes have to be made from metal sheets up to 0.7mm thickness. Lock of the pipe can be welded or closed with lock closing machine. E..
The diameter of the pattern (mm): Min:80х60; Max:125х125 The material thickness (mm): 0.7 Control type: electrical
$3 800.00
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Model: EEM-200
On the base of the electric elbow machine EEM-150 we designed elbow forming machine EEM-200 that could work with the pipes not only in the range 80-150mm but also in the range 150-200mm (with the upper lock on the pipes). Elbow forming machine..
The diameter of the pattern (mm): 80-200 The material thickness (mm): 0.6 Control type: electrical
$3 700.00
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Model: EEM-150
Electric Elbow Machine EEM-150 150 is used for crimping elbows from round and rectangular pipes that are used in process of assembling ventilation and drainage systems. The corrugated elbow looks fancy and it could be produced from the pipes with dif..
The diameter of the pattern (mm): 80-150 The material thickness (mm): 0.6 Control type: electrical
$3 500.00
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Model: EEM-200plus
Elbow making machine EEM-200plus is the better version of EEM-200 machine. It has additional fourth bottom pressing tool so it presses pipe from all four sides while bending and provides better quality of elbow. Electric elbow making machine is the m..
The diameter of the pattern (mm): 80-200 The material thickness (mm): 0.7 Control type: electrical
$4 200.00
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Electric elbow machines

Electric Elbow Machine (EEM) is a very productive and effective mechanism. This mechanism can be utilized for downspout elbows manufacturing. Electric elbow machines provide a simple alternative to expand and crimp rectangular or circular pipes, enabling you to change the downspout shapes. Downspout elbow machines also allow you to use different pipe sizes. The most cost-efficient solution is to buy a category of nozzles to fit your projects and perform elbows in multiples.

Crimping a corrugated elbow is fast, easy and safe due to its simple design. The electric elbow machines design is lightweight and compact, so anyone can take it anywhere. Once assembled, EEM requires only a standard electrical power source and no other accessory. Once you set it up, it works automatically, so no supervision is needed.

The EEM can form an elbow in less than 1 minute. Therefore, the productivity of the shaping process can be increased if you bend smaller pipe diameters. The electric elbow machine makes more attractive inside elbow bends instead of the manual elbow machine, which makes it outside. Compared with the manual machine, the production efficiency is 5 times higher and the operating costs are lower. And there is no need for a skilled operator.


The electric elbow machine is capable of corrugating electrical conduits, pipes, and tubes in numerous shapes such as tubes, HVAC ducts, downspout, water & drainage system and more. It can be used for corrugating round and rectangular pipes used in air conditioning ventilation and sanitary sewer systems. The corrugated elbow looks simple and efficient, it can be manufactured from tubes of various sizes.

It also offers a high level of flexibility in terms of dimensions. These dimensions are compatible with any type of business, including small local workshops, large companies or even DIY enthusiasts. The elbow forming machine is great for manufacturers who need to join pipes of various sizes, often on demand. This machine can reduce warehouse costs for a manufacturer making custom sized pipes for customers.


We have a variety of electric elbow machines available;, however, two of the most outstanding will be described below:

Elbow Machine EEM-150

Elbow Machine EEM-150

Features: EEM-150 Electric Elbow Machine is an automatic machine that is extremely easy to use. The easily adjustable crimping die allows you to properly crimp elbows with an offset without partial machining. It offers exceptional precision, accuracy and versatility. No more kinks, crimps or tears in your pipelines now.

Advantages: They require low maintenance (No Air or Oil) and can be installed without cutting pipes. With its portable design, the machine can be operated anywhere – even in the field. Due to specialized nozzles, this electric elbow machine can manufacture corrugated elbows from pipes of various shapes and sizes.

Benefits: Reduced cost per elbow, durability and precision. Labor savings, increased productivity and fewer rejects. Less expensive, higher quality and more environmentally friendly alternative to other crimping methods.

Elbow Machine EEM-200plus

Elbow Machine EEM-200plus

Features: The EEM-200plus is an improved version of the EEM-200 machine. This machine can handle circular and rectangular pipes between 80 – 200 mm.

Advantages: The EEM-200plus machine has a fourth bottom pressing tool, pressed tube of the pipe on all sides, which can be pressed with a high degree of pressure, resulting in high-quality elbows. The pipe bending degree and appearance can reach 90%.

Benefits: Higher production capacity and quality, low cost. With the utilization of the EEM-200plus machine, the percentage of circular and rectangular pipes with defects can be reduced by >2%. Resistance, accuracy, reliability and repeatability will be guaranteed with the EEM-200plus machine.

Why Us?

Evolutioner designs and manufactures a wide range of automatic machinery, including the most advanced series of corrugated elbow machines on the market today. Evolutioner strives to improve and automate the product design and assembly and delivery of our products.

With this goal in mind, we manufacture electric elbow machines for different pipe types and diameter ranges to allow users to produce products with high speed, precision and quality. That’s why we offer a vast range of electric elbow machines to meet your needs. Our adjustable crimping machines are highly functional even where space is limited. The robust construction, sturdy frames, powerful motors and convenient operation ensure excellent work results.

Our main products are Sheet Metal benders, roll forming machines, cutting machines, etc., besides manufactured parts for all of these machines. Our expertise and innovation provide added value to our customers in terms of flexibility, production speed and performance. We build machines that have been in demand since our inception. We specialize in the manufacture of sheet metal machines or equipment, made up of a team of talented engineers and specialists such as turners, millers, welders and mechanics. If you are looking for a high-quality electric elbow machine or other types, consider buying from Evolutioner.

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