Elbow bending machine EEM-200r

Elbow bending machine EEM-200r

Dimension: 130.00Sm x 110.00Sm x 60.00Sm
Weight: 380.00Kg

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Electric elbow bending machine EEM-200r is used to bend elbows from rectangular and round pipes with different sizes. Pipes have to be made from metal sheets up to 0.7mm thickness. Lock of the pipe can be welded or closed with lock closing machine. Electric elbow bending machine is good solution for companies who produce drainage systems, ventilation systems, chimney systems. Our electric elbow crimping machine helps to save time and increase production ability of elbows making process. Usually elbows are made by using swaging machine, in this case they are composited from parts and it’s very long and difficult way to make them and put it together. But using electric elbow bending machine process of elbows production turs into very simple way. You just have to adjust machine for bending elbows of necessary size. Process of elbow production takes 30 seconds less. So it’s much more productive comparing manual elbow making machines.


To bend elbows from rectangular pipes our customers have to get special nozzles for machine to bend those pipes. Each set of nozzles is made individually according to rectangular pipe’s sizes. So it’s possible to bend one type of rectangular pipe using appropriate set of nozzles.


To bend elbows from round pipes it’s necessary to have set of nozzles for round pipes. 

There are different settings on machine, you can adjust number of bends that are depend on bending pipe’s size and depth of bending.

It’s possible to use different materials to work with machine such as: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper. 

To get more information about elbow bending machine EEM-200r or other equipment please contact our sale person or visit our website: www.evolutioner.eu

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Elbow bending machine EEM-200r
Product Code: EEM-200r
Weight 380.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 130.00Sm x 110.00Sm x 60.00Sm
The material thickness 0.7mm
Round product
The diameter of the pattern Min:80х60mm; Max:125х125mm
Power 380V
Engine power 1.5kW


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