Uncoilers and recoiler

Model: DM-10
Decoiler of metal is the machine that is used to work with other machines such as: length cutting machines, shears, plate rolling machines, folders, forming machines etc. Decoiler of metal is good when you need to prepare metal for further wor..
Material width (mm): 1250 The maximum weight of the roll (ton): 10 The maximum outside diameter of the roll (mm): 1400
$2 300.00
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Model: MR-10t
Recoiler of coil metal MR-10t was designed for maximum 10 tons coils to recoil strips after it was cut on cut-to-length slitting machine. Recoiler MR-10t is widely used in semi-automatic cut-to-length slitting lines equipped with decoiler, cut-to-len..
Material width (mm): 1250 Numbers of the strips : 20 The maximum weight of the roll (ton): 10
$2 800.00
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Model: EA 1250x10
Uncoiler 1250x10 t Easy Adjustable is designed for working with metal coils up to 1250 mm width and maximum 10 t weight. The main difference of this uncoiler from other models is easy adjustable expansion mechanism that lets to set inside diameter of..
Material width (mm): 1250 The maximum weight of the roll (ton): 10 The maximum outside diameter of the roll (mm): 1400
$2 500.00
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Machines and equipment for working with metal sheets


The metalworking industry requires Complex and advanced machinery and tools to meet the modern product standards and to reduce labor costs. That's why it is important to invest in the right machinery to be successful in this industry.

Sheet metal work is a vital part of this industry. Before sheet metal work can begin, these sheets must be prepared for transportation and industrial purposes. For various tasks such as laser cutting, punching , bending, roll forming, these coils must be straightened through straightening (flattering) machines, uncoilers and decoilers, making them perfect to use.

But due to the wide variety of machinery and manufacturers, it is very difficult to choose the right one. Fortunately, at Evolutioner.com we consolidate our expertise and provide you with the high quality and top rated uncoiler and recoiler machines that are obligatory for this industry.

Advantages of using sheet metal coils in industry

There are numerous benefits of implementing these decoiler and recoiler machines in the industry, we summarize some of them below.

The most important aspect is economy, since metal coils are compact and easy to handle, that’s why they are easy to store and as a result the cost of purchasing and storing raw materials is reduced. The metal sheet coils are compact but they consist of a large number of workable sheets that can be used in industry, therefore usage of metal coils reduces workspace.

Another important factor is the reduction of waste. Working with sheet metal reduces material waste in many mechanical processes, such as pressing, because metal sheets are easy to handle. Due to these advantages, almost every metal working shop industry uses rolling sheet coils for manufacturing.


Evolutioner has been working in the designing and manufacturing industry since 2000, with its prestigious team of engineers, researchers and scientists they produce innovative and advanced sheet metal processing machines, specifically sheet metal preparatory processing, which includes both manual recoiler and uncoiler machines, with advanced design and features these machines are quite popular in the sheet metal manufacturing industry. Here we discuss some of the company's most advanced machines in a reasonable price range.

Decoiler of metal 1250mm for 10t. rolls

Decoiler of metal is used as an initial machinery of sheet metal working such as forging, pressing, plate rolling, roll forming and other mechanical operations. It is basically a manual machine, but it can be converted to an automatic version if required by the customer. The main purpose of the machine is to help cut large heavy metal coils of 5-10 tons into small pieces for working purposes. As raw materials and raw material operations are excessive costs for any industry, if the industry is outsourcing, but with the application of this machinery a huge amount of costs will be reduced, as you can easily cut the sheets according to the desired size.

The mechanical operation of the decoiler machine is very simple, you just need to insert the mandrel into the roll of sheet coil and put it back into the decoiling machine. The machine has a special adjustable screw to adjust the inner diameter according to the requirements of the sheet..The machine is ideal for processing all kinds of steel metals such as aluminum, copper, steel sheets.

Specifications for Decoiler Machines for sale

Decoiler of metal for 10 ton rolls

Decoiler of metal for 5 ton rolls

Decoiler of metal for 1 ton rolls

Recoiler of coil metal MR-10t

The MR-10t coil recoiler is used to recoil the metal sheets, but it must be done with some prerequisite, such as slitting and decoiler machine operations. When sheet metal is cut into desired lengths by a sitting machine and needs to be recoiled, a recoiler is used for that purpose. Sheet coils of the desired thickness and length can be obtained with it, since it is possible to adjust the recoiler machine to the requirements.

The manufacturing line of the decoiler, slitting machine and recoiler is used to produce coils of thin length metal sheet. Heavy sheet coils weighing 8-10 tons are subjected to a decoiler, where sheets of desired size are cut into thin coils by the slitting machine, then these sheets are pass through the recoiler . The price of recoiler machines depends on their technical characteristics according to industrial requirements.

Specifications of Recoiler machine for sale

Dimension: 190.00Sm x 170.00Sm x 140.00Sm

Weight: 500.00Kg

Uncoiler 1250x10 EA

The uncoiler machine is basically used in the sheet metal working industry where large coils are used. The machine has a specific adjustable feature that makes it ideal for coils up to 1250mm width. The uncoiler is ideal in industries where we want to cut large metal coils into smaller ones with the desired diameter and dimensions. The machine has a special adjusting screw to adjust the inner diameter of the coil in a simple way.The fFoot brake system of the uncoiler provides a more convenient working process.

Specifications of Uncoiler Machine for sale

Dimension: 190.00Sm x 120.00Sm x 140.00Sm

Weight: 270.00Kg

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