Uncoilers and recoiler

Uncoilers and recoiler

Machines and equipment for working with metal sheets

The metalworking industry requires Complex and advanced machinery and tools to meet the modern product standards and to reduce labor costs. That's why it is important to invest in the right machinery to be successful in this industry.


Decoiler of metal is the machine that is used to work with other machines such as: length cutting machines, shears, plate rolling machines, folders, forming machines etc. Decoiler of metal is good when you need to prepare metal for further work with it, so you have to cut it from big rolls with weight 5-10 tons.  It’s not a secret that one of the most important parts of final cost of the product-is the cost of the material this product was made. So our customers, who work with metal sheets, sooner or later anyway have a difficult choice: continue to order sheet metal prepared by someone else or start to purchase big rolls of metal and cut it by themselves. It’s let our customers the opportunity to lower the final price of the product and to resolve tasks of their clients more effectively.  There is a solution for this task- to get our metal decoiler, so there will be a possibility to have at stock many of rolls you need and cut them into sizes you want. To install a roll on the decoiler you have to remove with machine for lifting loads (hoist or forklift) spool from the decoiler and put it inside the roll. After you have to put a spool with the roll back on the decoiling machine. To adjust inside diameter of the roll there are special adjusting screws on the metal decoiler. As an option it’s possible to order decoiler with special one-screw adjusting system for adjusting inside diameter of the roll by rotating one screw.  As an additional option there is also footbrake for fixation a roll on the decoiler. There are three types of metal decoilers we make: Decoiler of metal for 10 ton rolls. Decoiler of metal for 5 ton rolls. Decoiler of metal for 1 ton rolls. All the machines we make we provide with one-year warranty. After warranty period is expired we also make repairs for our machines and provide after guarantee services.   

Material width 1250mm :: The maximum weight of the roll 10 tons :: The maximum outside diameter of the roll 1400mm :: inside diameter of the roll 480-620 mm 

Recoiler of coil metal MR-10t was designed for maximum 10 tons coils to recoil strips after it was cut on cut-to-length slitting machine. Recoiler MR-10t is widely used in semi-automatic cut-to-length slitting lines equipped with decoiler, cut-to-length slitting machines, cross cutting device. The advantage of such line is the efficient cut-to-length slitting process of metal coils from heavy 5t and 10t coils and 1250mm width ones into lighter and narrower strip coils.  While such line is operating, coil of 5 or 10 tons depending on which decoiler is used to complete the line, is fed directly to the metal uncoiler and put it on decoiler shaft. Metal roll is fixed on the shaft using special expanding mechanism to fix it on and fit it to necessary inside diameter. Turning decoiler wheel operator unwinds metal roll and bring it to cut-to-length slitting machine. With help of slitter you can cut coil into necessary number of strips and get it to recoiler. At first each strip has to be fixed on recoiler with special fixation mechanism. While rotating recoiler wheel operator can get strip coils of necessary length and sizes. You can adjust number and width of each strip using special distance rings. After finishing of recoiler process each strip has to be fixed from unwinding with special fixation tape. Shaft of recoiler has to be putted of from machine frame with strip coils. Expanding mechanism has to be unfixed and you can take off each strip coil separately after.  So, using our metal recoiler customer could make cut-to-length slitting process by himself avoiding third part services and extra expenses.    Related equipment:  decoiler for 5 or 10 ton rolls; cut-to-length slitting machine; metal shears for cross cutting process.  

Numbers of the strips 20 :: Material width 1250mm :: The maximum weight of the roll 10 tons 

Uncoiler 1250x10 t Easy Adjustable is designed for working with metal coils up to 1250 mm width and maximum 10 t weight. The main difference of this uncoiler from other models is easy adjustable expansion mechanism that lets to set inside diameter of coil in very easy way. Machine has special expansion screw-nut so rotating it you can adjust inside mechanism to necessary diameter of coil you plan to use. It makes adjusting process very simple and fast. You don’t need to adjust each coil’s support separately, so with this adjusting system working process go more efficient. Coil support are covered of wood so don’t scratch coil while contact. As an extra option you can get foot brake so it would be easier to stop rotating coil when needed.  Uncoiler can be very useful while working in cut-to-length slitting lines, when you get big coils to your factory and there is need to cut it to smaller coils, with smaller width and length. After cutting you can unwind sheet coil to smaller coils with recoiler. So, those machines help to make preparation process much easier and more efficient.  Maximum coil weight you can use to work with uncoiler is 10 t, but you can work with lighter coils 1-3-5 tons no problem We offer following related products: Cut-to length slitting machines  Recoiler of metal Manual guillotine   

Material width 1250mm :: The maximum weight of the roll 10 tons  :: The maximum outside diameter of the roll 1400mm