Standing seam metal roof machines

Model: f3
Portable machine for standing seam system was designed to profile double standing seam panels that are used for installation of standing seam roofing systems. Double standing seam roofing system is an unique technology, that has a purpose to avoid..
Material width (mm): 250-700 The material thickness (mm): 0,8 Power (V): 220/380
$5 700.00
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Model: fm
Profiling machine FM for double standing seam panels is used for making double standing seam lock of the roofing panels that are used for installation of the double standing seam roofing. The double standing seam roofing is widely used because it&..
Material width (mm): 250-700 The material thickness (mm): 0.7 Power (V): 220/380
$4 100.00
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Model: RPFM
Ribbed panel forming machine RPFM is used to form ribs on double standing seam roofing panels while double standing seam roofing production process. Standard standing seam roofing panels are formed with roll former roofing machine without ribs, but a..
The material thickness (mm): 0.8 Engine power (kW): 1.1
$3 400.00
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Model: F3-1000
Roll former roofing machine F3-1000 is an equipment to produce roofing panels of double standing seam for standing seam roofing production. Standing seam roofing is going to be popular thanks to It’s unique design – it has waterproofin..
The material thickness (mm): 0.8 Power (V): 220/380 Engine power (kW): 1.1-1.5
$5 600.00
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Model: F3 with cover
Roll forming roof panel machine F3 is roofing equipment that is used in process of standing seam roof panel production and standing seam roofing installation. With help of electric motor torque goes from motor through sprockets and the connection cha..
The material thickness (mm): 0.8
$5 300.00
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Model: F3 with length measuring device
Standing seam metal roof machine F3 with length measuring device was designed by our company to produce standing seam roofing panels for the installation of roofs and facades of various buildings and structures. Sheet metal blanks are passed through ..
Material width (mm): 250-700 The material thickness (mm): 0.8 Power (V): 220/380
$5 600.00
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Model: SL-1
Snap lock roofing panel roll forming machine SL-1 is designed and manufactured by our company as one of the flagman equipment for metal roofing panels production. Following machine makes standing seam roofing panels with self-closing lock on sides (s..
Material width (mm): 250-700 The material thickness (mm): 0.6 Power (V): 220
$12 500.00
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Model: f3
Standing seam roofing machine F3 is used for making double standing seam lock for the roofing panels that are used for installation of the standing seam roofing.   The double standing seam lock roofing is widely used because it’s impos..
Material width (mm): 250-700 Operates with: Galvanized steel, Coated steel, Copper Zinc, Titanium, Aluminum Seam height (mm): 25 or 38 (American) versions available
$5 000.00
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Standing seam metal roof machines


Are you a metal roofing contractor or a house owner Obsessed with the new techniques, machines & developments in metal roofing industry then dive in here to buy from an exciting range of roll & metal forming machines & products that help your desires of a magical roof & stand out among others

Modern metal roofing involves a standing seam metal roofing system characterized by its high resistance, impermeability and longevity.

Standing seam panels are durable and suitable for a range of applications including vertical and nearly horizontal roof cladding. Standing seam panels are in high demand due to their strength, colors, longevity, architectural freedom, sleek consistent modern look, energy efficient cooling, superior weather tight qualities, etc.

A metal roll forming is defined as the process of feeding metal through a series of rollers, where each roller station further manipulates the piece of metal into desired shapes. Rolling equipment is a mechanism that forms the necessary profile from the metal sheet with the help of forming rollers of a certain configuration. Portable roll forming machines do everything the same as a typical roll former does, just in a smaller and more condensed size for easier transportation and work on construction sites.

Advantages of standing seam metal roof machine

Portable machine: These machines can be lifted to the top of a structure’s height. To produce and install panels directly on the roof. These machines can fit inside a box truck or on a trailer for easy and cost-effective transportation to a construction site

Roll form panels in any length you need: This machine can produce panels in any length as needed on site, thus providing high design flexibility. This makes your roof look clean and smooth

Create panel profiles: Our roll forming machines can be customized so also be able to produce various panels like

  • Profiles: snap lock, single & double standing seam lock, ventilation locks, Pittsburgh lock
  • Flat or ribbed rollers: seam panels can be roll formed into flat or ribbed patterns to have decorative or stiffening ribs along the entire length of the panel

Flexible & automatic: Roll forming machines are flexible enough to adapt to any changes that can be implemented or programmed in terms of length, width, height, thickness, material, etc. The machines can be fully automated to suit the type of work

Accessibility and versatility: Using prefabricated panels, causes issues such as delays in time & schedule, design & length constraints, lack of availability, shipping costs & damages, Using roll forming machine, you can get automatic, safe, reliable, economical, low power & energy consuming, high output, accurate, on site problem solution. Ensure smooth working on site & provide accurate work for better customer satisfaction

Less material wastage: working with prefabricated panels can cause labor errors & transportation defects which may result in material wastage, cracks, damages, cost of repairs & reinstall, etc. Roll forming machines produce panels right on the construction site which eliminates material wastage & costs associated with it

Continuous production: portable roll forming machines can continuously produce panels on construction site for any length & width without wasting time ensuring fast, smooth, stress free, on time production

Business diversification: diversify your business needs by using portable roll forming machines to supply seam panels to other roofing contractors during machine idle time

Depending on profiles they produce roll former metal roof machines can be:

  1. Roll former snap lock machines. They produce a snap lock profile. The main difference and advantage of this profile is that it can be closed without special tools or an electric seaming machine. The process of those panels’ installation is much easier than standard standing seam panels so doesn’t require skilled workers. As for the downsides, at great length, these panels can self-open if not installed properly
  2. Standing seam metal roof machines. This is the standard profile for standing seam roofing. This profile has to be closed with special hand or electric tools. Roofers have to be experienced enough to do this type of roofing work. But this type of roofing is waterproof, durable, very gorgeous looking and technologically advanced, so it is very popular among customers. In addition to roofing, these standing seam panels can cover the walls of buildings and structures

In this category we offer you standing seam metal roof machines for sale. We have two of their models F3 and FM.

FM machine is lighter so it’s easier to take it directly to the place of work. But it is also more difficult to readjust and has 5 forming rolls to make the profile.

F3 roll former machine is easy to adjust, so it takes a little time to switch it from rolling panels of one width to other. It has 6 pairs of forming rolls, so the quality of the panels produced on this machine is higher.

For both roll former standing seam machines we offer as optional extras:

  1. length measuring device to measure the desired length of the panels
  2. a knife for cross-cutting the metal to the required length
  3. forming rolls for ribbed panels
  4. forming rolls for making radiused panels
  5. floor decoiler for processing of coils weighing up to 1 ton
  6. hand seaming tool to close panels together
  7. electric seam closing machine for more efficient panel closing
  8. top cover for machine to preserve the safety of the rolling mechanism of machine
  9. roll forming machine for the production of ribbed

As standart, the standing seam metal roof machine can produce panels with a maximum width of 700 mm, but on request we can make it 1000mm wide (Roll former metal roofing machine F3-1000)

But besides roll former roof machines for standing seam panels production, the roll forming machines which we manufacture have a wide range of applications from residential to infrastructure projects.

Usage or applications of roll forming machines

  • This high-performance machine can be used in a wide range of applications such as roofing works, mechanical engineering, HVAC system production, drainage system components production
  • Roll forming machines are used in the construction of metal roofs of residential buildings by contractors for the installation of wall systems
  • Roll forming machines are designed for professionals installing seamless gutters and metal roofs, HVAC duct systems
  • Factory or in plant panel manufacturers and panel suppliers for cutting and lowering can use roll forming machines
  • Architects & designers hire roofing contractors with portable roll forming machines for their projects
  • Portable roll forming machines are used in commercial metal roofing applications such as warehouses, food storage, other industries, etc. by metal roofing system contractors
  • Roll forming machines are used for creating custom profiles such as standing seam roof panels, ventilation HVAC locks, window drip cap, wall panels, sandwich panel covers, ridge cap, metal palisade pales, gutter profiles
  • Roll forming machines can be used on structures with a large number of different planes and complex, integrated structures High design flexibility
  • Lock forming machines are used for creating ventilation HVAC locks. These locks are widely used in the construction of various industrial and civil buildings
  • Roll forming machines are used for making standing seam panels of different types of metals (galvanized steel, steel coated with copper, zinc, titanium, etc.)
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