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Standing seam roofing machine F3

Standing seam roofing machine F3

Dimension: 155.00Sm x 120.00Sm x 100.00Sm
Weight: 260.00Kg

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Standing seam metal roof machine F3 with length measuring device was designed by our company to produce standing seam roofing panels for the installation of roofs and facades of various buildings and structures. Sheet metal blanks are passed through the forming rolls of the machine to get the desired shape of the standing seam panel. This method of production allows you to produce panels with a speed of about 10 meters per minute and fit any roofing companies. 

The machine is equipped with an easy width adjustment system, so it takes just a few minutes to readjust it from rolling one width to another.

The F3 machine can work with panels from 200 to 700 mm wide.

It is possible to work with metal sheets and coils made of galvanized steel, copper, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.

Maximum metal thickness for work – 0.8 mm.

Standing seam metal roof machine F3 can go in a standard set, and with additional accessories providing additional functionality of the machine and simplifying the work process. As additional options, we offer a floor decoiler, which can be used directly on the working site thanks to its lightweight and small size, so you can put the coil to the decoiler and feed it to the machine. As an optional extra, you can purchase a length-measuring device to roll roofing panels the same length and in semi-automatic mode, without marking them with tape and ruler. Using those accessories, you can really save your time and make your work more accurate. With the length measuring device, our customers very often buy a cross cutting knife in order to cut the panels of the desired length from the coil. 
As extra options, we also offer ribbed panels rolls to form standing seam panels with ribs and providing additional roofing system rigidity. You can use the machine with or without rolls. Extra rolls for radius panels production allow you to produce panels with a big bending radius, which allows you to use them for various structures, such as hangars, etc.  
We have a ready-made solution for your business for hangars roofing buildings production.
For protection against various damages, we offer the use of a top cover, which prevents foreign objects from getting inside the machine and makes the working process of the machine safer - roll forming roof panel machine F3 with top cover 
For closing the standing seam lock our customers can use special standing seam roofing tools
While installing roof panels, roofers use special fixation elements – sliding clips, so we offer punching presses for their production - sliding clip formers 

Thus, using a standing seam metal roof machine F3, our customers and partners can produce efficient standing seam roofing panels, and with additional accessories can make this process more convenient and faster. 

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Standing seam roofing machine F3
Product Code: F3 with length measuring device
Weight 260.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 155.00Sm x 120.00Sm x 100.00Sm
Material width 250–700 mm
The material thickness Steel - 0.8мм, aluminum - 1.5мм
Power 380V(220V)
Engine power 1.1/1.5 (kW)


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