Sliding clip formers

Sliding clip formers

Dimension: 30.00Sm x 30.00Sm x 110.00Sm
Weight: 50.00Kg

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Sliding clip formers are used to produce fixation sliding clips for double standing seam roofing panels. Before installation roofing panels have to be made using roll former roofing machines. After finishing of panels production and preparing roofing works panels can be installed on roofing place with special fixation clips. Those clips, depending on design, could be fixed or sliding ones. Fixed clip has simple and cheap design so it can be good for small roofs that doesn’t have long length panels. Sliding clip are good for big roofs with different designs and long-length panels. Sliding clips can move and self-find perfect position so not be damaged and safe for roof while temperature expansions. We offer punching presses for making both fixed and sliding clips.

For sliding expansion clips productions there have three presses to be used. 

First sliding clip bottom part press is used for punching bottom part of sliding clip with fixation round holes and connection oval hole. At the same time this press cuts metal strip with necessary length. Blank for clip production is easy to get using manual guillotine or cut-to-length slitting machine.

Second sliding clip bottom part bender is used for bending of sliding clip bottom part to 90 degrees angle. So, after this operation bottom part is ready.

Third clip former makes top part of sliding clip at the same time forming and bending it. 

After producing bottom and top part of sliding clip you can easily connect it to one working sliding clip. 

So using sliding clip formers that we offer you can easily make expansion clip and use it while double standing seam roofing installation without any unnecessary deformations. 

Maximum metal thickness you can work with -1mm.

To get more information about sliding clip former we produce please contact our sales department.



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Sliding clip formers
Product Code: Sliding clip formers
Weight 50.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 30.00Sm x 30.00Sm x 110.00Sm
The material thickness 1 mm


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