Window drip cap (window trim) roll forming machines

Model: PO-1
Window drip cap roll forming machine PO-1 allows to produce “window trim” profile by rolling the sheet metal through forming rolls. A window trim is an element that is widely used in construction while windows installation. In the standar..
The material thickness (mm): 0.8 Power (V): 220/380 Engine power (kW): 1.5
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Window drip cap roll forming machines


Drip cap roll forming machines are designed for windows frame & windows flashing manufacturers who are looking for a cost-effective way to produce window drip caps. The Evolutioner can be your one-stop solution, so welcome now to experience & choose from a range of automatic & portable metal window drip cap roll forming machines to help fulfill your needs for window flashings, frames & leave an unforgettable impression of your work

A window drip cap is an L-shaped flashing that covers the windows after they are installed, but before the siding is installed around the window frame. This is used over the top piece of trim to drain water away from the house. When using a drip cap flashing around window and door frames, sheet metal is most commonly used.

Without the window drip cap installed on the window, water will either seep into your home, leak all around the window, or seep into the middle of your double-paned windows. The best way to prevent water seepage into your windows is to install the window drip cap. Window drip caps are a more durable option to prevent water seepage and provide better coverage.

Like caps installed over windows and doors, the roof drip cap diverts water away from areas of the roof where it might otherwise accumulate and possibly cause damage. In this case, the cap diverts water so it can flow off the roof and into the drainpipes, where it is routed away from both the roof and the exterior walls of the building.

The window drip cap roll forming machine allows the production of a “window trim” profile by rolling the sheet metal through forming rolls. The window trim is an element that is widely used in construction when installing windows.

Thus, by purchasing a window trim roll former machine from LLC “Evolutioner”, our customers can make the production process more efficient, save time an) d money.

Before forming the drip cap profile on the roll forming machine, the sheet metal has to be prepared to obtain the desired shape of the workpiece. For this work you can use our cut to length slitting machines and manual guillotines.

Advantages of a window drip cap roll forming machine

Portable: the drip cap roll forming machines are small and lightweight, allowing the production and installation of drip cap panels on the job site or location, saving transportation charges & time for shipping of the finished panels. These machines can fit on a truck or trailer for easy and cost-effective transportation to the job site.

Automatic & fast process: these machines are designed to work automatically & can roll the window trim profile on both sides simultaneously in a single operation, the roll forming drip cap machines can be easily adjusted to the desired width of metal, which simplifies the work, eliminating labor, time & waste.

Flexible: roll forming machines are designed to be flexible & to adapt to any changes in the design of windows flashings & panels for the production of drip cap with different length, width, profile shape of window flashings.

Create panels of different profiles & the length you need: Our roll former machines can produce drip cap panels of any length, & can also be configured to produce various panel profiles, such as single & double side roll forming, which provides high design flexibility.

High efficiency: the high quality of roll formed panels for windows flashing is achieved through the use of an optimized design of the 7-stand roller machine, which eliminates the possibility of cracks, damage, seepage or other defects that occur during panel production & ensures a longer service life of the panels produced.

High productivity: drip cap panels of any length, size, shape, material gauge & thickness can be roll formed to the desired shape with high quality, continuous & fast production compared to conventional bending process with standard sheet metal benders (https://www.evolutioner.eu/bending-machines/sheet-benders/) , which requires large capital, experienced labor, time & cost.

Less material wastage: the production of panels at home involves time consuming process, careful handling, experienced labor, errors in work & transportation defects that can lead to material wastage, cracks, damage, repair and reinstallation costs, etc. Roll forming machines produce panels right on the job site, eliminating material loss and associated costs.

Accessories: As manufacturers, we can produce a roll forming machine for the production of window trim profiles without drip edges according to customer preferences. The machine can additionally be equipped with a length measuring device and a cross-cutting knife.

Applications of roll forming machines for shaping drip caps

  • Drip cap roll forming machines are used by cladding & roofing contractors for avoiding water leakages through residential windows.
  • Roll forming machines can also be used by wall contractors for avoiding water penetration in the interior of a home.
  • These machines are also used in the window and door industry.
  • Roll forming machines are used by manufacturers of windows, door frames, etc.
  • Roll forming machines are also used by roofing contractors, window flashing manufacturers:
    1. In modern buildings, flashings are designed to reduce water infiltration into objects such as chimneys, vent pipes, walls, windows and door openings to make buildings more durable and reduce indoor mold problems.
    2. The roll forming machine PO-1 allows to produce window trim with all the necessary bends and without the last bend (drip edge) if necessary. It can be adjusted by moving the guide lines to different positions. It is also possible to adjust the length of the element that is next to the drip edge.

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