Manual punching press

Manual punching press

Corner notcher NM-3 is used by enterprises who specialize in manufacturing of facade cassettes with different configurations and complexity. It allows you to optimize the preparing process, saving time on the corner punching operations of the future facade cassette of the required shape. This corner notcher is equipped with a special tool, consisting of a die and a punch, and makes it possible to punch a complex angle of the facade cassette in just one operation. Corner of NM-3 façade cassette consists of several 90 degrees angles and radius groove, which prevents possible deformation of the metal in the corner of the façade cassette during future bendings. Corner notcher NM-3 is also equipped with special equipment for cutting an oval hole for fixation bolts on the façade cassette. So, using this equipment, our customer can cut both: a complex corner of the cassette and the fixation bolt hole in one operation without wasting time on doing it on different machines and saving time and money on preparing cutting and punching works.  We use special tool steel to make dies of punching press. Those dies are tempered to get necessary hardness and working resistance. To get necessary roughness of corner notcher working tool we use special grinding machines.  Corner notcher NM-3 is manual driven so not require connection to electrical networks or air supply systems. Corner notcher NM-3 is driven by a special handle that transmits the force to the working mechanism of the machine. When using the punching press, it must be installed on a flat surface-table and fixed with special clamps or fastening mechanisms to prevent the machine from moving during operation. On request, it is possible to manufacture corner notchers to produce shapes of cassettes with different configurations according to customer preferences 

The material thickness 1.2mm 

Notching machine NM-2 for façade cassettes is used to cut multi angles in metal sheets up to 1.2 metal thickness. Multi angles are necessary to be made for further bending metal sheet in boxes, façade cassettes etc., so bending can be done from all four sides of metal sheet.  Notching machine NM-2 cuts shape for façade cassettes of open type. Shape of cutting has special radius element in one of angles, so it helps to keep metal without deformation while bending. Façade cassettes that can be made using NM-2 notching machine has special shape so it prevents water to get inside cassette because angles of cassettes are closed. Notching machine NM-2 cuts multi angle without additional holes for drainage or fixation operations. But if it’s necessary we can offer it as additional options or as NM-3 model: Using notching machine NM-2 you will save time for preparing operations while façade cassettes production. It can help you to make production process faster and more efficient.  Our notching machine is hand operated so it doesn’t need any air or electricity to work. NM-2 is mobile machine, so you can take it easily anywhere you want.  Knives of notching machine are made from tool steel. They go through tempering and grinding processes to get necessary hardness and roughness. So we have high quality cutting tools on our notching machines. Also we have possibility to make tools for presses according to customers’ requests and change form of shapes and sizes. It lets our customer to get results they want. There is equipment that can be used with our notching machine NM-2: - Manual shears; - Segmented bending machines

The material thickness 1.2mm 

Punching press for façade corner cassettes is used in the production process of special configuration facade cassettes for covering corners of different buildings. At the beginning of the manufacturing process, sheet metal is cut into blanks of required size using guillotine shears, slitting machines or cutting roller blade of a bending machine. After that, corners of the required configuration for the facade cassette are cut on the sheet blank using die-cutting presses. Standard punching press for facade cassettes allows you to optimize the process of cutting corners of facade cassettes used for cladding facades of buildings. But when assembling cassettes on a building, it becomes necessary to cover not only face but also corner of building. For such a procedure, the blank of the facade cassette should be not only with cut corners, but also with special triangular notches at the top and bottom of the sheet, which makes it possible for further bending this blank into a corner cassette and easily put it on the corner of the building being under restoration. So, to manufacture of corner facade cassettes, our customers will need both: conventional die-cutting press for facade cassettes (NM-1, NM-2, NM-3 or NM-4) for cutting the main corners of the future facade cassette, as well as special press for corner cassettes, which allows on the workpiece with already pre-cut corners, cut additional triangular elements for the future corner facade cassette. So having this equipment, you can optimize and speed up the preparation work process of the corner facade cassettes manufacturing. So, after it can be bended on a segmented bending machine with two or three segment bars to desire product.  

The material thickness 1mm 

Sliding clip formers are used to produce fixation sliding clips for double standing seam roofing panels. Before installation roofing panels have to be made using roll former roofing machines. After finishing of panels production and preparing roofing works panels can be installed on roofing place with special fixation clips. Those clips, depending on design, could be fixed or sliding ones. Fixed clip has simple and cheap design so it can be good for small roofs that doesn’t have long length panels. Sliding clip are good for big roofs with different designs and long-length panels. Sliding clips can move and self-find perfect position so not be damaged and safe for roof while temperature expansions. We offer punching presses for making both fixed and sliding clips. For sliding expansion clips productions there have three presses to be used.  First sliding clip bottom part press is used for punching bottom part of sliding clip with fixation round holes and connection oval hole. At the same time this press cuts metal strip with necessary length. Blank for clip production is easy to get using manual guillotine or cut-to-length slitting machine. Second sliding clip bottom part bender is used for bending of sliding clip bottom part to 90 degrees angle. So, after this operation bottom part is ready. Third clip former makes top part of sliding clip at the same time forming and bending it.  After producing bottom and top part of sliding clip you can easily connect it to one working sliding clip.  So using sliding clip formers that we offer you can easily make expansion clip and use it while double standing seam roofing installation without any unnecessary deformations.  Maximum metal thickness you can work with -1mm. To get more information about sliding clip former we produce please contact our sales department.    

The material thickness 1 mm