Notching machine NM-2 for façade cassettes

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Weight: 30 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 30 cm x 30 cm x 110 cm
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The material thickness (mm): 1.2
Control type: Manual

Notching machine NM-2 for façade cassettes is used to cut multi angles in metal sheets up to 1.2 metal thickness. Multi angles are necessary to be made for further bending metal sheet in boxes, façade cassettes etc., so bending can be done from all four sides of metal sheet.


Facade cassettes


Notching machine NM-2 cuts shape for façade cassettes of open type. Shape of cutting has special radius element in one of angles, so it helps to keep metal without deformation while bending.


Notching machine NM-2 for façade cassettes


Façade cassettes that can be made using NM-2 notching machine has special shape so it prevents water to get inside cassette because angles of cassettes are closed.


Notching machine NM-2 cuts multi angle without additional holes for drainage or fixation operations. But if it’s necessary we can offer it as additional options or as NM-3 model:


Notching machine NM-3 for façade cassettes


Using notching machine NM-2 you will save time for preparing operations while façade cassettes production. It can help you to make production process faster and more efficient.


Our notching machine is hand operated so it doesn’t need any air or electricity to work. NM-2 is mobile machine, so you can take it easily anywhere you want.


Knives of notching machine are made from tool steel. They go through tempering and grinding processes to get necessary hardness and roughness. So we have high quality cutting tools on our notching machines.


Also we have possibility to make tools for presses according to customers’ requests and change form of shapes and sizes. It lets our customer to get results they want.


There is equipment that can be used with our notching machine NM-2:

- Manual shears;

- Segmented bending machines

The material thickness (mm) 1.2
Control type Manual
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