Guillotine shear

Model: MG-1250
Manual guillotine metal shearing machine MG-1250 is a machine for cutting metal sheets 1250 mm length and 1mm maximum thickness for pieces. Manual guillotine metal shearing machine is a machine that used mostly for preparing operations. The goal of t..
Material width (mm): 1250 The material thickness (mm): 1
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Model: MG-2100
Manual guillotine shear MG-2100 is designed to cut sheet metal with a thickness up to 1 mm and a maximum length of 2100. To provide high quality cutting, the machine is equipped with a special locking mechanism, which allows fixing the metal before c..
Material width (mm): 2100 The material thickness (mm): 1
$1 700.00
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Guillotine shear EVOLUTIONER


In the industry, the cutting of sheet metal is usually done with a shearing mechanism, which is carried out by shearing machines. Shears used in the industry mainly come in two types: guillotine shears and saber type guillotine machines. In both mechanisms, shear stress is applied with the help of two parallel blades whose stress must increase the resistance of the working material, which are mostly copper, aluminum or steel sheets.

Guillotine shears are mostly used in the manufacturing industry These machines consist of two blades that are mounted parallel to each other. These blades are manually operated and are designed in such a way that the upper blade slightly moves up and down, making cuts of sheet metal with help of the bottom blade. These machines are mostly used in HVAC, sheet metal fabrication industries, piping, automobile sanitary industries, and many other manufacturing processes.

Evolution Group of industries produces various guillotine shears, which are appreciated by many of our industrial clients. Since 2003, Evolutioner Group of industries has been the market leader in sheet metal working equipment throughout Europe. Our vision is to become the global leader of sheet metal fabrication machinery, and we will achieve this goal with the help of our creative and experienced engineers and designers.

We currently manufacture two successful and well-demanded models of guillotine shearing machines and provide worldwide delivery for our honorable clients.

At evolutioner.eu, you can purchase four different variants of these manual guillotine metal shearing machines, which vary depending on the amount of work, such as the thickness and length of the workpiece:

  • Manual guillotine metal shearing machine MG-1250mm
  • Manual guillotine metal shearing machine MG 1500 x 1mm
  • Manual guillotine metal shearing machine MG 2100 x 1mm
  • Manual guillotine metal shearing machine for cutting trapezoidal panels.

Manual guillotine metal shearing machine MG-1250

Manual guillotine metal shearing machine MG-1250

Manual MG-1250 is evolutioner.eu’s best option. The machine works for sheets up to 1250 mm in length and 1 mm maximum thickness. This machine is also known as a preparatory machine for various operations such as bending, punching and forming.

As standard, the machine consists of two blades: an upper blade and a lower blade. The guillotine cutting machine cutter is properly tempered and polished to have a fine shear. The machine also comes with a press fixation system, the purpose of this system is to give firm support to the cutting workpiece so that the operator can have an accurate and precise result. The fixation system is easy to operate, a worker can adjust the desired length of the workpiece as per industrial requirement, this system is helpful where precise mass production is required.

Machine Specification:

Dimension: 151.00Sm x 73.00Sm x 131.00Sm

Weight: 140.00Kg

Manual Shear MG 2100

The MG-2100 manual guillotine cutting machine is the most advanced machinery for sheet metal cutting. The machine is most suitable for sheet metals of thickness up to 1mm. The MG-2100 is equipped with a locking system that enables the worker to fix the length of the worksheet. The main difference of MG-2100, which makes it superior to other sheet metal cutting machines, is its precision and accuracy.

With ordinary machinery, the circular sheet metal cutting shows +-1mm of accuracy, which can be greatly improved with MG-2100, and the credit goes to our designers and engineers who have implemented the fixture mechanism to achieve such results.

Furthermore, plasma cutting is also a famous technique in the manufacturing industry, but it has some cons, such as the formation of calx, which is basically oxides of metals resulting from heating. Here again, MG-2100 is ideal machinery as the steel hardened blades of this model result in smooth edges and avoid calx formation.

Since 2003, Evolutioner Group has been the most trustworthy sheet metal machinery manufacturer in Europe. We deal with all kinds of fabrication machinery, for more details regarding our products, delivery and product guarantee you can visit our website evolutioner.eu.

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