Manual shear MG-2100

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Weight: 200 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 230 cm x 80 cm x 130 cm
$2 300.00
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Material width (mm): 2100
The material thickness (mm): 1

Manual guillotine shear MG-2100 is designed to cut sheet metal with a thickness up to 1 mm and a maximum length of 2100. To provide high quality cutting, the machine is equipped with a special locking mechanism, which allows fixing the metal before cutting and avoiding unnecessary displacement. Cutting faults are minimal thanks to the special back limiters on the shearing machine. It stops the metal at the required length and keeps the same size of each cut. This method provides a higher shearing accuracy when compared to marking. The knives of the manual guillotine shear MG-2100 are made of hardened and ground tool steel. They have four working edges, so if one edge is not sharp enough, you can turn the knife and use another sharp edge without stopping for repairs.

We are manufacturers of manual shear MG-2100. Guillotine shear machines are widely used by Ukrainians and foreign companies whose business is related to processing of metal sheets.

There are few models of shear cutting machines we produce:

  1. Manual guillotine shear MG-1000

  2. Manual guillotine metal shearing machine MG-1250

  3. Manual guillotine shear MG-1550

  4. Manual guillotine shear MG-2100

Shear MG-2100 has a lot of advantages compared to other sheet metal cutting machines. For example, circular shears also can cut metal, but the process of cutting goes from one side of the metal to another, so it is very slow.

Guillotine machine is good when precision cutting is required. The accuracy when cutting with circular shear is +-1mm, but with the MG-2100 machine you can make it much more accurate thanks to back limiters of the machine, which allow you to keep the cutting dimensions the same.

Some companies use plasma machines for cutting when working with sheet metal. But they are good for curved products, in other cases it is more reasonable to use a shear metal machine, because the cutting process requires less power and the edges of the cutting are smooth, unlike sheets after plasma cutting, on which calx is formed.

Shear machine MG-2100 is widely used with uncoilers and decoilers, sheet metal slitting machines , cut-to-length slitting lines, in combination with roll forming machines, bending machines, etc.

Thus, we recommend that you choose your sheet metal cutting equipment carefully, because the kind of machine you decide to buy determines the productivity, the quality of the product and the economics of this process.

Material width (mm) 2100
The material thickness (mm) 1
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