Cutting machines

Model: NM-3
Corner notcher NM-3 is used by enterprises who specialize in manufacturing of facade cassettes with different configurations and complexity. It allows you to optimize the preparing process, saving time on the corner punching operations of the future ..
The material thickness (mm): 1.2 Control type: Manual
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Model: SM-1250х8
Cut-to-length slitting machine is used for longitudinal cutting of the metal sheets with maximum thickness 1mm, aluminum composite panels, paper, polycarbonate thanks to special cutting knives that are fixed on rolls of the slitting machine. This ..
Material width (mm): 1250 Numbers of the strips : 8 The material thickness (mm): 1
$4 000.00
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Model: SM-350
In this variant of electric cutting machine our customer desired to cut metal sheets from width 350mm into 12 strips. The width of one strip is 31.4mm   Maximum metal thickness 1 mm Numbers of the strips – 12 The diameter of th..
Cutting speed (meters/minute): 10 Numbers of the strips : 12 The material thickness (mm): 1
$3 200.00
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Model: MG-1250
Manual guillotine metal shearing machine MG-1250 is a machine for cutting metal sheets 1250 mm length and 1mm maximum thickness for pieces. Manual guillotine metal shearing machine is a machine that used mostly for preparing operations. The goal of t..
Material width (mm): 1250 The material thickness (mm): 1
$1 500.00
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Model: MG-2100
Manual guillotine shear MG-2100 is designed to cut sheet metal with a thickness up to 1 mm and a maximum length of 2100. To provide high quality cutting, the machine is equipped with a special locking mechanism, which allows fixing the metal before c..
Material width (mm): 2100 The material thickness (mm): 1
$1 700.00
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Model: NM-2
Notching machine NM-2 for façade cassettes is used to cut multi angles in metal sheets up to 1.2 metal thickness. Multi angles are necessary to be made for further bending metal sheet in boxes, façade cassettes etc., so bending can be d..
The material thickness (mm): 1.2 Control type: Manual
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Model: punching press corner
Punching press for façade corner cassettes is used in the production process of special configuration facade cassettes for covering corners of different buildings. At the beginning of the manufacturing process, sheet metal is cut into blanks o..
The material thickness (mm): 1 Control type: Manual
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Model: slitter
The sheet metal slitting machine (slitter, cut-to-length machine) is used for longitudinal cutting of the metal sheets with maximum thickness 1mm, aluminum composite panels, paper, polycarbonate.   This sheet metal slitting machine lets yo..
Cutting speed (meters/minute): 10 Numbers of the strips : 4 The material thickness (mm): 1
$3 500.00
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Model: Sliding clip formers
Sliding clip formers are used to produce fixation sliding clips for double standing seam roofing panels. Before installation roofing panels have to be made using roll former roofing machines. After finishing of panels production and preparing roofing..
The material thickness (mm): 1 Control type: Manual
$1 700.00
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Cutting machines EVOLUTIONER

Cutting machines are equipment designed for simple and efficient cutting of sheet metal, saving time and labor, ensuring high quality cutting. Depending on the objectives, the sheet metal before cutting can be in different shapes:
  • in large coils up to 3-5-10 tons
  • in metal sheets of 1000x2000 mm and 1250x2500mm
  • blanks of different sizes.

Therefore, cutting tasks can also be different. You may need to cut metal:

  • from large coils to smaller ones
  • from large coils to metal sheets with exact sizes
  • cut strips from a coil
  • cut sheet metal on strips.

Also, if you need to cut corners of different shapes on sheet metal blanks, you will definitely need cutting equipment!

Thus, different machines may be required depending on the tasks at hand. We offer the following types of metal cutting equipment:

  1. Sheet metal slitting machines (cut-to-length machines)
  2. Guillotine shearing machines
  3. Manual punching presses

Slitting machines

Cut-to-length slitting machines are designed to make the process of cutting large coils easier and more efficient. Many companies that work with metal and buy it in large coils have the task of cutting large coils into strips or blanks for further operations. These companies may have roll forming machines, so they need to cut metal from wide coils into thin coils and then form necessary profiles. So, with a slitting machine, you can get, depending on the model, up to 20 strips from standard coil width to the width you need in a very simple and quick way. The cutting speed is about 10 meters per minute. You can adjust the width of each strip and the number of strips you need. If you are:

  • a roofer
  • roofing company
  • HVAC elements manufacturer
  • tinsmith
  • or anyone else

whose business involves working with metal sheets, you will love our slitting machines that will help you make prep work much easier.

The production of roofing and construction metal flashings usually requires a manual folding machine. For example, the blanks for bending the flashings elements can be obtained by using a cross-cutting knife on a folding machine, but this method is very slow. Using the slitting machine we produce, you can get the necessary blanks much faster and each will be the same size.

Our slitting machine you can use in combination with a decoiler and recoiler

So, if you get metal to the factory in large coils, you can install it to a decoiler and put it on the slitting machine for cutting. Then coil it into thin coils with the recoiler and use it for any work you may need.

Therefore, we offer the following models of slitting machines according to the working conditions:

Sheet metal slitting machine SM 1250/4


for slitting metal sheets with a width of 1250 mm into 4 strips with a thickness of up to 0.5 mm.

Slitting machine SM 1250/8


for cutting metal with a width of 1250 mm into 8 strips up to 1mm metal thick. Depending on customer needs, this machine can be equipped with up to 20 pairs of cutting knives for maximum metal cutting into 20 strips.

Metal cutting machine SM 350/12


It can cut a maximum width of 350mm into 12 strips. The model can be modified according to customer needs.

These machines can be additionally equipped with a cross-cutting knife and a length measuring device.

Guillotine shearing machines

Guillotine shearing machines are designed for cutting metal from coils into sheets or blanks of the required dimensions. Depending on the maximum guillotine working length you can get maximum metal sheet size. The guillotine allows you to get better quality of cutting than the cross-cutting knife of the folding machine.

We offer the following models of metal shearing machines:

Manual guillotine MG-1250


Sheet metal shearing machine MG-2100

These machines are equipped with back limiters so they allow to get all the cuts perfectly equal in size.

Manual punching presses

Manual punching presses are used to cut corners of different shapes on metal sheets. Depending on tasks at hand, it may be necessary to prepare the metal blank before bending. Our manual notching machines can help you to do it. We offer punching presses for cutting 90 degrees corners and specially shaped corner presses for façade cassettes as standart. As manufacturers we also offer customized hand presses for cutting special corner shapes depending on your request.

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