Cutting machine SM-350

Cutting machine SM-350

Dimension: 100.00Sm x 50.00Sm x 100.00Sm
Weight: 110.00Kg

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In this variant of electric cutting machine our customer desired to cut metal sheets from width 350mm into 12 strips.  The width of one strip is 31.4mm

Maximum metal thickness 1 mm
Numbers of the strips – 12 
The diameter of the rolls of the machine is 50 mm
The diameter of cutting knife is 77mm


The slitting machine SM 350 was designed by our company to let the opportunity to cut metal into length for 12 strips. The standard variant of slitting machine proposes you to cut metal from coil or metal sheets with width 1250mm for the number of strips you need. But according to our customer’s preferences we can produce special slitting machine for cutting in length metal with width from 100 to 1250mm. The maximum thickness of metal could be 1mm.

According to our customer’s preferences our machines can be used for cutting into length metal sheets for 2-20 strips. The variant of slitting machine into 2 strips can be manual. The slitting machines for cutting more than 5 strips has to be with stronger base to avoid the deformation of rolls while cutting 

In this variant of electric slitting machine our customer desired to cut metal sheets from width 350mm into 12 strips. 

The width of one strip has to be 31.4mm

The operator of this slitter machine can easily change the width of one strip or the total number of strips using special screw on the knives. This screw lets to unfix knife of the machine and change position of it.

  • The speed of cutting is 10 meters per minute for the machine.
  • The engine power is 1.5kW
  • The voltage is 380V
  • The diameter of roll is 50 mm
  • The diameter of knife is 77mm
  • The number of knives is 12

You can add for the slitting machine cross cutting knife as an option. 
As an option we also propose length measuring device for the machine. 

We produced machines for working with metal sheet such as: bending machines, rolling machines, cutting machines, punching presses, profiling machines, seaming machines etc.

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Cutting machine SM-350
Product Code: SM-350
Weight 110.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 100.00Sm x 50.00Sm x 100.00Sm
Cutting speed
Cutting speed 10 meters per minute
Numbers of the strips 12
The material thickness 1 mm
Power 380 V
Engine power 1.5 kW


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