Corner notcher NM-3 for façade cassettes

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Weight: 30 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 30 cm x 30 cm x 100 cm
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The material thickness (mm): 1.2
Control type: Manual

Corner notcher NM-3 is used by enterprises who specialize in manufacturing of facade cassettes with different configurations and complexity. It allows you to optimize the preparing process, saving time on the corner punching operations of the future facade cassette of the required shape. This corner notcher is equipped with a special tool, consisting of a die and a punch, and makes it possible to punch a complex angle of the facade cassette in just one operation. Corner of NM-3 façade cassette consists of several 90 degrees angles and radius groove, which prevents possible deformation of the metal in the corner of the façade cassette during future bendings.


Corner notcher NM-3 is also equipped with special equipment for cutting an oval hole for fixation bolts on the façade cassette. So, using this equipment, our customer can cut both: a complex corner of the cassette and the fixation bolt hole in one operation without wasting time on doing it on different machines and saving time and money on preparing cutting and punching works.


We use special tool steel to make dies of punching press. Those dies are tempered to get necessary hardness and working resistance. To get necessary roughness of corner notcher working tool we use special grinding machines.


Corner notcher NM-3 is manual driven so not require connection to electrical networks or air supply systems.


Corner notcher NM-3 is driven by a special handle that transmits the force to the working mechanism of the machine. When using the punching press, it must be installed on a flat surface-table and fixed with special clamps or fastening mechanisms to prevent the machine from moving during operation.


On request, it is possible to manufacture corner notchers to produce shapes of cassettes with different configurations according to customer preferences

The material thickness (mm) 1.2
Control type Manual
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