Punching press for facade corner cassettes

Punching press for facade corner cassettes

Dimension: 30.00Sm x 30.00Sm x 100.00Sm
Weight: 30.00Kg

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Punching press for façade corner cassettes is used in the production process of special configuration facade cassettes for covering corners of different buildings. At the beginning of the manufacturing process, sheet metal is cut into blanks of required size using guillotine shears, slitting machines or cutting roller blade of a bending machine. After that, corners of the required configuration for the facade cassette are cut on the sheet blank using die-cutting presses.

Standard punching press for facade cassettes allows you to optimize the process of cutting corners of facade cassettes used for cladding facades of buildings. But when assembling cassettes on a building, it becomes necessary to cover not only face but also corner of building.

For such a procedure, the blank of the facade cassette should be not only with cut corners, but also with special triangular notches at the top and bottom of the sheet, which makes it possible for further bending this blank into a corner cassette and easily put it on the corner of the building being under restoration.

So, to manufacture of corner facade cassettes, our customers will need both: conventional die-cutting press for facade cassettes (NM-1, NM-2, NM-3 or NM-4) for cutting the main corners of the future facade cassette, as well as special press for corner cassettes, which allows on the workpiece with already pre-cut corners, cut additional triangular elements for the future corner facade cassette.

So having this equipment, you can optimize and speed up the preparation work process of the corner facade cassettes manufacturing. So, after it can be bended on a segmented bending machine with two or three segment bars to desire product.


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Punching press for facade corner cassettes
Product Code: punching press corner
Weight 30.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 30.00Sm x 30.00Sm x 100.00Sm
The material thickness 1mm


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