Window drip cap roll forming machine PO-1

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Weight: 300 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 2000 cm x 1000 cm x 1000 cm
$5 600.00
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Main specifications
All specifications
The material thickness (mm): 0.8
Power (V): 220/380
Engine power (kW): 1.5

Window drip cap roll forming machine PO-1 allows to produce “window trim” profile by rolling the sheet metal through forming rolls. A window trim is an element that is widely used in construction while windows installation. In the standard way the window trim is bent step by step using a manual folding machine. This is a cheaper, but more time-consuming process. The metal sheet must be pre-marked for each bending operation.

Each bend is then performed using a manual bending machine. The operator must set the necessary dimensions according to the marks, fix the sheet metal with the machine"s fixation mechanism, and then bend it. The length of the window trim is limited to the maximum working length of the bending machine. Thus, each manual folding operation is time-consuming and the production process becomes expensive and inefficient.

To improve the production process we offer the window drip cap roll forming machine PO-1. This machine rolls the window trim profile on both sides simultaneously in a single operation. The rolling speed is 10 m/min. The machine is equipped with 7 pairs of forming rolls. The minimum width of window trim is 120 mm when rolling on both sides at the same time and the maximum width is 610 mm.

To change the width of the window trim, simply use the adjusting handle, which makes it very easy to adjust the machine to go from one trim width to the next. Thus, the adjustment process is not time-consuming.

It’s also possible to roll the window drip cap on the machine in two steps.

This may be necessary if all elements are of different width, so in order not to waste time on readjustment, it will be faster to roll each side separately step by step. In addition, this method of rolling will make it possible to produce window drip caps of narrow width when it’s not possible to move the rolls closer together using the adjusting handle. Thus, when rolling each side separately, the minimum width of the element can be 30 mm and maximum 510 mm.

The profile that can be obtained by rolling both sides in a single operation:


The profile can be obtained by rolling each side step by step:

profile can be obtained by rolling each side step by step

Rollforming machine PO-1 allows to produce window trims with all the necessary bends and without the last bend (drip edge), if necessary. It can be adjusted by moving the guide lines to different positions. It is also possible to adjust the length of the element, which is next to the drip edge.

Window trim profile without drip edge:

Window trim profile without drip edge

As manufacturers, we can make a rollforming machine for the production of window trim profile without drip edge according to the customer"s preferences.

The machine can be additionally equipped with a length measuring device and a cross cutting knife.

Thus, by purchasing window trim roll former machine PO-1 from Evolutioner, our customers can make the production process more efficient, save time and money.

Additional accessories

  1. length measuring device
  2. cross cutting knife
The material thickness (mm) 0.8
Power (V) 220/380
Engine power (kW) 1.5
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