Roll forming roof panel machine F3 with cover

Roll forming roof panel machine F3 with cover

Dimension: 160.00Sm x 90.00Sm x 100.00Sm
Weight: 260.00Kg

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Roll forming roof panel machine F3 is roofing equipment that is used in process of standing seam roof panel production and standing seam roofing installation. With help of electric motor torque goes from motor through sprockets and the connection chains to the rolling rollers of the machine making them to rotate and form necessary profile. In order to protect workers while working with roll forming roof panel machine, we offer to equip it with standard side covers and additional top part cover to protect forming part of machine.

So, using standing seam roofing machine F3 with protective covers operators of machine will be protected from injury, and machine would be protected from any outside object to get into working mechanism. 

However, while working with roof machine, it’s possible to take off upper cover and leave side covers of machine while working. If upper cover isn’t needed you can purchase machine without it. 

Our roll former standing seam machine is light and mobile one so you can work with it at your workshop or directly at roof installation place saving money on transportation expenses. 

Roll forming roof panel machine F3 has special adjusting screw to adjust machine for different panel width production. You just need to rotate adjusting screw to get necessary panel width sizes.

Standing seam roof machine F3 can work with different materials such as steel, aluminum, copper. Machine can be adjusted to roll different metal thicknesses.


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Roll forming roof panel machine F3 with cover
Product Code: F3 with cover
Weight 260.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 160.00Sm x 90.00Sm x 100.00Sm
The material thickness 0.8mm


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