Roll former roofing machine F3-1000

Roll former roofing machine F3-1000

Dimension: 155.00Sm x 140.00Sm x 90.00Sm
Weight: 300.00Kg

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Roll former roofing machine F3-1000 is an equipment to produce roofing panels of double standing seam for standing seam roofing production. Standing seam roofing is going to be popular thanks to 
It’s unique design – it has waterproofing structure that avoid water getting under of roofing panels. 
So, using this kind of roofing to cover buildings our customer gets high quality product, protected from external influences of moisture and precipitation. 

In standard variant we make roll former roofing machine to form maximum 700mm panel width but on request we can make it for 1000mm panels width.

Standing seam panel machine F3-1000 that we produce is width easy adjustable one. So, to change machine from forming one panel width to another just take a few minutes and you can do it in very simple way. You just need to rotate special adjusting handle, so while rotating it changes position of forming rolls and keep them in one forming line. So, adjusting process is not time consumption one.
Roll former roofing machine F3 has six pairs of forming rolls to form the standing seam roofing panel.


Machine can be produced for working with 220 or 380V electric lines.
You can get following additional accessories with our machine:
  • Rolls for ribbed panels production
  • Rolls for radius panels production
  • Cross cutting knife for machine
  • Decoiler for 500 kg coils
  • Manual seamers
  • Electric seaming machine
  • Fixed and sliding clip formers 


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Roll former roofing machine F3-1000
Product Code: F3-1000
Weight 300.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 155.00Sm x 140.00Sm x 90.00Sm
The material thickness 0.8mm
Engine power 1.1-1.5kW


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