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Ribbed panel forming machine RPFM

Ribbed panel forming machine RPFM

Dimension: 97.00Sm x 91.00Sm x 91.00Sm
Weight: 150.00Kg

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Ribbed panel forming machine RPFM is used to form ribs on double standing seam roofing panels while double standing seam roofing production process. Standard standing seam roofing panels are formed with roll former roofing machine without ribs, but as extra option you can install rolls for ribbed panels on machine and form two ribs on the center of panel, providing more rigidity and giving interesting look to your roof.

But while building houses of various configurations and using different kinds of material for roofing sometimes it’s necessary not to increase rigidity of roofing panel but change slightly design of it. For this task we offer special designed ribbed panel forming machine RPFM which lets to get small ribs on finished roof panel over the entire width of panel. As a result, such panel looks very interesting on the roof and façade of building, decorating its unusual design and distinguishing it from other buildings. 
Also ribbed panel forming machine can help to hide defects of low-quality material, as forming ribs on panel and smooth all the roughness.  

Ribbed panel forming machine RPFM is designed to work with roofing panels maximum 625mm width. But, if necessary, it’s possible to adjust machine to forming more narrow panels by removing unnecessary number of forming rolls. Ribbed panel machine is used in combination with roll former standing seam roofing machine. So, roofing panel of necessary length and width has to be pre formed with standing seam roofing machine and after you can make ribs on panel with ribbed panel forming machine RPFM. 


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Ribbed panel forming machine RPFM
Product Code: RPFM
Weight 150.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 97.00Sm x 91.00Sm x 91.00Sm
The material thickness 0.8mm
Engine power 1.1 kW


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