Portable machine F3 for double standing seam system. With cross cutting knife and radius rolls

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Weight: 250 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 160 cm x 85 cm x 100 cm
$5 000.00
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Main specifications
All specifications
Material width (mm): 250-700
The material thickness (mm): 0,8
Power (V): 220/380
Engine power (kW): 1.1-1.5

Portable machine for standing seam system was designed to profile double standing seam panels that are used for installation of standing seam roofing systems.

Double standing seam roofing system is an unique technology, that has a purpose to avoid penetration of water inside the roofing panels. It’s could be possible thanks to special roofing design. Double standing seam roofing panels when they are installed on the roof, cover each other, so there aren’t any spaces between them. To make places of roofing panels contact waterproofing, the seams between panels usually are closed by special seaming tools: hand seamers or electric seamer.


There are two types of the portable machines for double standing seam systems we make:


  1. Portable machine F3 for double standing seam systems

  2. Portable machine FM for double standing seam systems  


There are some important differences between portable machine F3 and portable machine FM


  • Roofing machine F3 has 6 pairs of forming rolls unlike profiling machine FM with 5 pairs of forming rolls. So the quality of roofing panels is better with machine F3.

  • Adjusting of width of roofing panel is easier with portable machine F3, thanks to special constructive moments. With machine FM it takes much more time.

  • The weight of machine FM is less so it’s easier to transport it from one place to another.  

Our customers have opportunity to order portable roofing machine F3 in standard set. Or if it’s necessary you can order additional options such as: cross cutting knife, additional rolls for ribbed panels, additional rolls for radius panels, hand seamers or electric seaming machine, decoiler.




According to our customer’s preferences, we can offer portable roofing machine F3 for standing seam systems for using with 220 or 380 electric lines.




As an option our customers can purchase slitting machine with our portable machine F3
Material width (mm) 250-700
The material thickness (mm) 0,8
Power (V) 220/380
Engine power (kW) 1.1-1.5

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Alpin Construction - RO
Alpin Construction - RO
The machine is in perfect condition, the preparation time and delivery arrived on time. Thank you very much!