Recoiler of coil metal MR-10t

Recoiler of coil metal MR-10t

Dimension: 190.00Sm x 170.00Sm x 140.00Sm
Weight: 500.00Kg

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Recoiler of coil metal MR-10t was designed for maximum 10 tons coils to recoil strips after it was cut on cut-to-length slitting machine. Recoiler MR-10t is widely used in semi-automatic cut-to-length slitting lines equipped with decoiler, cut-to-length slitting machines, cross cutting device. The advantage of such line is the efficient cut-to-length slitting process of metal coils from heavy 5t and 10t coils and 1250mm width ones into lighter and narrower strip coils. 

While such line is operating, coil of 5 or 10 tons depending on which decoiler is used to complete the line, is fed directly to the metal uncoiler and put it on decoiler shaft. Metal roll is fixed on the shaft using special expanding mechanism to fix it on and fit it to necessary inside diameter. Turning decoiler wheel operator unwinds metal roll and bring it to cut-to-length slitting machine. With help of slitter you can cut coil into necessary number of strips and get it to recoiler.

At first each strip has to be fixed on recoiler with special fixation mechanism. While rotating recoiler wheel operator can get strip coils of necessary length and sizes. You can adjust number and width of each strip using special distance rings. After finishing of recoiler process each strip has to be fixed from unwinding with special fixation tape. Shaft of recoiler has to be putted of from machine frame with strip coils. Expanding mechanism has to be unfixed and you can take off each strip coil separately after. 
So, using our metal recoiler customer could make cut-to-length slitting process by himself avoiding third part services and extra expenses. 


Related equipment: 

  • decoiler for 5 or 10 ton rolls;
  • cut-to-length slitting machine;
  • metal shears for cross cutting process.


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Recoiler of coil metal MR-10t
Product Code: MR-10t
Weight 500.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 190.00Sm x 170.00Sm x 140.00Sm
Cutting speed
Numbers of the strips 20
Material width 1250mm
The maximum weight of the roll 10 tons


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