Decoiler of metal 1250mm for 10t. rolls

Decoiler of metal 1250mm for 10t. rolls

Dimension: 190.00Sm x 120.00Sm x 140.00Sm
Weight: 250.00Kg

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Decoiler of metal is the machine that is used to work with other machines such as: length cutting machines, shears, plate rolling machines, folders, forming machines etc.

Decoiler of metal is good when you need to prepare metal for further work with it, so you have to cut it from big rolls with weight 5-10 tons.  It’s not a secret that one of the most important parts of final cost of the product-is the cost of the material this product was made. So our customers, who work with metal sheets, sooner or later anyway have a difficult choice: continue to order sheet metal prepared by someone else or start to purchase big rolls of metal and cut it by themselves. It’s let our customers the opportunity to lower the final price of the product and to resolve tasks of their clients more effectively. 

There is a solution for this task- to get our metal decoiler, so there will be a possibility to have at stock many of rolls you need and cut them into sizes you want.

To install a roll on the decoiler you have to remove with machine for lifting loads (hoist or forklift) spool from the decoiler and put it inside the roll. After you have to put a spool with the roll back on the decoiling machine.

To adjust inside diameter of the roll there are special adjusting screws on the metal decoiler. As an option it’s possible to order decoiler with special one-screw adjusting system for adjusting inside diameter of the roll by rotating one screw. 
As an additional option there is also footbrake for fixation a roll on the decoiler.

There are three types of metal decoilers we make:

  • Decoiler of metal for 10 ton rolls.
  • Decoiler of metal for 5 ton rolls.
  • Decoiler of metal for 1 ton rolls.

All the machines we make we provide with one-year warranty. After warranty period is expired we also make repairs for our machines and provide after guarantee services. 


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Decoiler of metal 1250mm for 10t. rolls
Product Code: DM-10
Weight 250.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 190.00Sm x 120.00Sm x 140.00Sm
Material width 1250mm
The maximum weight of the roll 10 tons
The maximum outside diameter of the roll 1400mm
inside diameter of the roll 480-620 mm


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