Uncoiler 1250x10 EA

Uncoiler 1250x10 EA

Dimension: 190.00Sm x 120.00Sm x 140.00Sm
Weight: 270.00Kg

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Uncoiler 1250x10 t Easy Adjustable is designed for working with metal coils up to 1250 mm width and maximum 10 t weight. The main difference of this uncoiler from other models is easy adjustable expansion mechanism that lets to set inside diameter of coil in very easy way. Machine has special expansion screw-nut so rotating it you can adjust inside mechanism to necessary diameter of coil you plan to use. It makes adjusting process very simple and fast. You don’t need to adjust each coil’s support separately, so with this adjusting system working process go more efficient. Coil support are covered of wood so don’t scratch coil while contact.
As an extra option you can get foot brake so it would be easier to stop rotating coil when needed. 

Uncoiler can be very useful while working in cut-to-length slitting lines, when you get big coils to your factory and there is need to cut it to smaller coils, with smaller width and length. After cutting you can unwind sheet coil to smaller coils with recoiler. So, those machines help to make preparation process much easier and more efficient. 

Maximum coil weight you can use to work with uncoiler is 10 t, but you can work with lighter coils 1-3-5 tons no problem

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Uncoiler 1250x10 EA
Product Code: EA 1250x10
Weight 270.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 190.00Sm x 120.00Sm x 140.00Sm
Material width 1250mm
The maximum weight of the roll 10 tons
The maximum outside diameter of the roll 1400mm


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