Electric elbow making machine EEM-200plus

Electric elbow making machine EEM-200plus

Dimension: 130.00Sm x 110.00Sm x 60.00Sm
Weight: 350.00Kg

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Elbow making machine EEM-200plus is the better version of EEM-200 machine. It has additional fourth bottom pressing tool so it presses pipe from all four sides while bending and provides better quality of elbow. Electric elbow making machine is the mechanism for forming elbow from round and rectangular pipes with different diameters.

You can use our machine for working with round pipes as with rectangular pipes. There are four types of Elbow making machines we produce:

1. Elbow making machine EEM-150 for the pipes from 80mm to 150mm diameter.
2. Elbow making machine EEM-200 for the pipes from 80mm to 200mm diameter.
3. Elbow making machine EEM-250 for the pipes from 80mm to 250mm diameter.
4. Elbow making machine EEM-200plus for pipes 80-200mm.


Elbow making machine EEM-200plus lets you to work with pipes from 80 to 200mm.


Pay attention: Inside diameter of the pipe you use for bending has to be 1mm bigger than bending matrix of the machine!! The lock of the pipe has to be closed or welded to avoid opening of pipe while bending!!


Elbow making machine EEM-200 is electric so it doesn’t need any air or oil system to work. Electric consumption is 1.5 kW/hour for this elbow machine.  The needed voltage is 380V. It could be used in environment with temperature from -5 to +45 Celsius degrees. 

Elbow making machine is good for bending pipes with maximum thickness 0.7mm. 

Elbow making machine EEM-200plus bends elbows thank to special pressing tools. There is one set of tools for bending one diameter of pipe you need. So to bend more diameters of pipes you have to order additional pressing tools. 

It goes three pressing set tools with the machine so you can bend four diameters of pipes with it in the range from 80 to 200mm (that you choose by your own)

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Electric elbow making machine EEM-200plus
Product Code: EEM-200plus
Weight 350.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 130.00Sm x 110.00Sm x 60.00Sm
The material thickness 0.7mm
Round product
The diameter of the pattern 80-200mm
Power 380V
Engine power 1.5-2 (kW)

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