Plate rolling machine EPRM-1.3

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Weight: 160 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 180 cm x 65 cm x 110 cm
$2 500.00
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Main specifications
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Material width (mm): 1300
The diameter of the pattern (mm): 72
The material thickness (mm): 1.5
Control type: electrical

Plate rolling machine is used for bending pipes from the metal sheet with maximum length 1.3m and maximum thickness 1.5mm. Pipe production takes place by rolling the sheet metal between the rollers of the plate rolling machine. The upper roller of the plate rolling machine is mobile, so lowering or raising it the operator could set the radius of the pipe. There is a special adjusting screw on the plate rolling machine to change the position of the upper roller. Rollers of the plate rolling machine are made from the high-carbon steel. The diameter of the rollers is 72mm. All the rollers of the roller machine are connected to the engine through gears, so their rotation is simultaneous and uniform. It provides better quality of the products.

The plate rolling machine is used for making pipes for ventilation systems, drainage systems, chimneys, etc.

The upper roller of the plate rolling machine is removable so it lets the operator to bend fully closed pipes with this plate bending machine and remove it after producing process.

According to the wishes of our customers we can make manual or electric variant of this plate rolling machine.

Pipe-producing process includes following phases:

  1. At first the sheet metal is cut with manual shear or electric guillotine on sizes to be appropriate for working with plate rolling machine.
  2. The operator makes pipe lock using bending machine or ventilation lock forming machine
  3. Plate rolling machine forms tube with necessary size and diameter.
  4. Seam closing machine or mallet lets to close pipe lock so it the last phase in pipe-forming process.
  5. If it’s necessary, the pipe could be bended with special elbow making machine.

This machine is produced for using with 380V electric lines.


This plate rolling machine is often purchased with additional machines such as: manual bending machine, lock forming machine, manual swaging machine, electric swaging machine, manual lock closing machine, electric lock closing machine, manual elbow making machine, electric elbow making machine.

Our enterprise has started to produce this kind of the plate rolling machines since 2004 so we have great experience in doing our job and can propose you a great solution for your business.

To get information about price of this plate rolling machine and the way it could be delivered to your location just contact us. We will give you all the information you need.

Material width (mm) 1300
The material thickness (mm) 1.5
Round product
The diameter of the pattern (mm) 72
Control type electrical
Engine power (kW) 1.1

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