Lock former machine LFM

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Weight: 300 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 110 cm x 51 cm x 100 cm
$2 700.00
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Main specifications
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The material thickness (mm): 1.2
Power (V): 380/220
Engine power (kW): 1.5

Lock former machine LFM is the one that is most required beyond our customers. It is used for forming ventilation locks such as Pittsburgh lock, standing seam lock, single hem, double hem, locking pin, elbow radius element. Those locks are widely used when construction process of different industrial and civil buildings.

The advantage of our lock former machine compared to others machine is possibility to form pipe lock so you can use it while round pipes production.

So our customers can save money on purchasing additional equipment and renting additional production areas.


There are 7 pairs of forming rolls on the LFM machine to form different ventilation locks. Forming rolls are tempered so they have long life period.

The process of ventilation element production is started from Pittsburgh lock forming process and single hem forming process with the lock forming machine LFM. After the process of locks forming are finished it’s necessary to put single hem lock into Pittsburgh lock and close it with a hummer or special Pittsburgh lock closing machine. After those procedures ventilation element is ready.

It’s very easy to work with our ventilation lock former machine LFM, because there are ruler guides so they help you to put metal in necessary forming position.

Lock former machine LFM can be 380V (1.5kW engine power) or 220V (1.1-1.5kW engine power) depends on customer’s preferences.

The maximum metal thickness for working with the machine is 1mm.

The machine is suited to work with color-coated metal sheets or stainless steel.

We have been producing lock forming ventilation machines since 2008 year. So we have ready solutions for you to be the firs


The material thickness (mm) 1.2
Power (V) 380/220
Engine power (kW) 1.5
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