Electric seaming machine ESM-1

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Weight: 30 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 400 cm x 330 cm x 350 cm
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Main specifications
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The material thickness (mm): 0.7
Control type: electrical
Power (V): 220

Electric seaming machine ESM-1 is used for closing double standing seam lock while roofing installation process. Electric seaming machine closes roofing lock much more faster comparing manual hand seamers. Seaming machine has four pairs of rolls to close double standing seam lock step by step at first 90 degrees and after to 180 degrees. So you can really save your working time using our electric seaming machine ESM-1. Because if you close lock with hand seamers you have to close all the roof with first number of hand seamer and after to make second operation closing lock to 180 degrees with second number of hand seamer. Electric seaming machine makes it by one operation.


There is a reason to use ESM-1 machine when you have big length panels and big roofing distances. Electric seaming machine helps to save your time on doing closing operations.


Rolls of electric seaming machine ESM-1 are covered with special anti-slip material so it doesn’t slip while working.






The weight of electric seamer is not more than 30 kg, so it’s possible to work one person with the machine.






Before using our machine for closing double standing seam lock the beginning of panel has to be prepared: it has to be closed with first number of hand seamers. The length of prepared part of panel has to be enough to install the machine. After installing ESM-1 machine on the roofing panel you have to fix it with special fixation handle and after you can turn.


The machine works from 220V electric lines.


Very often our customers purchase electric seaming machine with roll former standing seam machine, floor decoiler. To get more information about our machines please contact us




The material thickness (mm) 0.7
Control type electrical
Power (V) 220
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