Warranty service and technical support

warranty machines


Our enterprise produces machines and equipment for working with metal sheets and provides for our clients all the warranty service as long as they work with our machines. For all the equipment we make there is a warranty period 1 or 2 years (depends on machine). During this period, according to warranty agreement between Buyer and Seller, all the problems that could happen with our machines we resolve by our own (if the Buyer uses our machine in the right way and the reason the machine doesn’t work is not his fault).  But after this period we also provide additional service and help you keep your machine working.

All the parts for our machines we make by our own (except electric ones, bearings and chains) so if there are some problems with equipment-we can help you to resolve it as fast as possible. Usually, for the big part of our machines, we have the most important details at our stock so it’s take minimum time to do repair.

Also, we have qualified engineers that can give you important advices about using our machines in the right way.

I hope working together we will achieve great results!