Electric lock seam closer ELSC 1300x1.2

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Weight: 220 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 160 cm x 80 cm x 180 cm
$1 800.00
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Main specifications
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Material width (mm): 1300
The material thickness (mm): 1.2
Control type: electrical
Engine power (kW): 0.37

Electric lock seam closer ELSC 1300x1.2 is perfect solution for lock closing operations while sheet metal pipes production. This machine is widely used in manufacturing companies, sheet metal working shops, at HVAC elements and drainage systems manufacturers. With electric lock seam closing machine ELSC 1300x1.2 our customers can make lock closing operations with high quality and productivity, saving working time and improve quality of final products. Machine is equipped with special eccentric fixation system, so you just need to adjust pressing force one time and after to use fixation handle, without adjusting it each time. It helps to save time while lock closing operations, not to waste it on each time adjusting. 

Electric lock seam closer ELSC 1300x1.2 can work maximum 1.2mm metal thickness.

Maximum working length is 1300 mm. However, if make it both sides so you can make 1300mm+1300mm = 2600mm for two both sides closing operations. 

As customized variant of machine, we can make it 1500mm working length, so you can close 1500mm +1500mm = 3000mm lock in two operations.

Machine has rolling roll lock closing system, so while rotating roll closes pipe lock.

To make pipe lock you can use our lock forming machine LFM, to make sheet metal pipe from metal you can use rolling machines as well. 

We can make manual variant of electric lock seam closer ELSC 1300x1.2 machine – round duct seaming machine RDSM 1300x1.2.

As an option, we also can produce lock closing machine with moving closing part – Lock seam closing machine LSCM 1300x1.2 instead of rotating roll. 

Some of our customers need to close not only round sheet metal pipe locks but also rectangular pipes locks. In this case, we offer special tool for our electric lock seam closing machine, so you can install it instead of standard one, and use to close Pittsburgh lock as well. You do not need to purchase additional expensive machines for such work anymore.

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Material width (mm) 1300
The material thickness (mm) 1.2
Control type electrical
Engine power (kW) 0.37
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