Lock seam closing machine LSCM 1300x1.2

Lock seam closing machine LSCM 1300x1.2

Dimension: 202.00Sm x 70.00Sm x 153.00Sm
Weight: 140.00Kg

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Lock seam closing machine LSCM 1300x1.2mm is used for closing single lock on pipes with inside diameter from 80mm, maximum length 1300mm and maximum metal thickness 1.2mm. There is special moving closing mechanism on the machine which contacts with roll and makes possible to close single seam lock. Rotating handle operator of the machine transmits rotating moment through chain to sprocket and roll on closing mechanism. The roll of the machine can be from 76 to 90mm diameter depends on customer preferences. Roll of the closing mechanism has rough surface so it’s better contact with pipe’s lock and close it. During the work pipe doesn’t move but closing mechanism moves and close the pipe.

Closing the pipe process with lock seam closing machine LSCM is the last operation during pipe production. You have to make pipe lock on the metal sheet before it and to make pipe from the flat metal sheet. You can use lock forming machine and plate roll forming machines for those operations. Only after you can close pipe lock with lock seam closing machine. And using swaging machine you can work with pipe’s ends to make it the way you want.

The machine is manual so it doesn’t need any air or electricity to work.

Our machine has more rigid base so it’s possible to work with thicker metal up to 1.2mm. It’s make our machine interesting for ventilation systems companies and chimneys production companies.

As manufacturer of machine we provide 1-year warranty and after warranty service. Please contact us to get more details

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Lock seam closing machine LSCM 1300x1.2
Product Code: LSCM 1300x1.2
Weight 140.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 202.00Sm x 70.00Sm x 153.00Sm
Material width 1300mm
The material thickness 1,2mm
Round product
The diameter of the pattern min 800mm


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