Swaging machines SW-1

Swaging machines SW-1

Dimension: 60.00Sm x 55.00Sm x 100.00Sm
Weight: 80.00Kg

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Swaging machine SW-1 is used for ventilation, conditioner, gutter, chimney and air heating systems productions when it’s necessary to make operation with the end of round pipes. Different operations are possible thanks to special rolls that go in the standard supply set of machine or additional rolls that go in extra set. In standard set there are four pairs of rolls to make corrugation operation, flanging and two pair of rolls to make elbow elements. Also as additional options you can get rolls to make other different operations depends on your needs, we have big catalog of rolls with different configurations so you can choose ones you need. After making necessary operations using our swaging machine you can easily connect one pipe to another and assemble ventilation or air conditioner system. 

Our swaging machine SW-1 is multispeed one so you can change rotating speed of rolls to make it lower or faster depends on operations you plan to make. There is frequency converter installed on the machine, so it lets to change rotating speed. Different operations may require different rotating speeds of rolls so it’s very convenient to have possibility to change one.

Swaging machine in most cases is used to work in collaboration with sheet metal bending machines, plate rolling machines, lock closing machines, ventilation lock forming machines, elbow making machines etc. So swaging machine is irreplaceable equipment in production process of gutter, ventilation, chimney and air conditioner systems. 

To make working process with machine more convenient there is foot pedal to operate one.  
There is special “pocket” on machine for storing working rolls.
Swaging machine has special limiter to fix distance on working shaft.


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Swaging machines SW-1
Product Code: SW-1
Weight 80.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 60.00Sm x 55.00Sm x 100.00Sm
The material thickness 1.2mm
Maximum shaft overhang 200mm


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