Standing seam hand seamers (2PCS)

  • Product Code: HS №1 and HS №2
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Weight: 15 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm
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Control type: manual
Standing seam hand seamers for double standing seam are used for closing locks on a double standing seam roofing panels. It consists from two tools:

  1. First step hand seamer for bending 90-degree lock.

  2. Second step hand seamer for bending 180-degree lock.


Before closing, the roofing panels have to be profiled with roofing seam machine and install on the roof. When panels contact each other, the side shelves of panels cover each other so there is one big construction with non-closed seams between panels. To close those seams and make them waterproof we recommend to use special closing tools such as hand seamers HS 1 and HS 2.


The process of seam bending starts from a first stage hand seaming tool. This tool bends lock to 90 degrees. You have to lay it over the lock. You can start from the bottom of the roof or from the top of the roof and go down. Make sure that tool down is tighten to the seam, push your paddle all the way down, lift it up and sly down on the distance of the length of the tool, and continue down the paddle. It gives you a first bend.


So now you can use number two hand seamer. Lay it on the seam. You can choose to start it from the upper or from the down part of the roof. You can make a first bend to 180 degrees. So sly the tool down and finish the second stage of bending the lock all the way down to the bottom of the seam. Get it to the end. You may kind of let it be free but we recommend to bend it a couple of times to hit that last edge of the seam real tight. So there is double locked seam closed.

The difference that makes our hand seamer much more better than other seamers is the ability to keep tight the material, not to let it slide while working.


You can use our hand seamers to close double standing seam locks on the straight roofs and on the roofs with radius panels.


We can also propose you to use our electric seaming machine, so you will be able to close double standing seam lock faster in one step operation.

Control type manual
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