Segmented sheet metal bending machine /folder MB-1400

Segmented sheet metal bending machine /folder MB-1400

Dimension: 180.00Sm x 70.00Sm x 110.00Sm
Weight: 160.00Kg

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Segmented bending machine for making façade cassettes, boxes etc.

Maximum length 1400mm
Maximum metal thickness for bending - 1.2mm 
Maximum metal thickness for cutting -0.8mm


A manual sheet bending machine is used for production standard bending element such as different elements of the roof, elements of ventilation system, drainage system etc. And also it’s possible to bend façade cassettes, boxes, doors thanks to the special segmented bar on this machine. 

The main idea that makes our folding machine better than manual bending machines of others brands is removable upper bar, which you can change to the bar with different configuration and make machine more functional. 

Our customer can choose, by their preferences, what do they want to see in our bending machine. They can add necessary options and to wide possibility of the machine or cut them and make it simple. 
The standard set for folding machine includes: folding machine, manual shear, back table, alidade, angle limiter, side handles. As an additional option you can get with bending machine:

  • Pedals
  • front limiters
  • absorber
  • bar for making trapezoidal roofing panels. 

In this variant of manual bending machine our customers decided to order two bars segmented. It’s gives the opportunity to use f folding machine as a segmented one. So it’s easy to make facade panels, boxes and other elements where you need to bend four sides of the metal sheet. 

The height of the segmented upper bar is 50mm

As an additional option our customers added roller shear to our bending machine. So you it lets  the opportunity to cut metal right from coil and save money of buying special cutting machine.

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Segmented sheet metal bending machine /folder MB-1400
Product Code: MB-1400
Weight 160.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 180.00Sm x 70.00Sm x 110.00Sm
Material width 1400mm
The material thickness 1.2mm


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