Pan & box brakes SM3-1270x2 with three bars segmented

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Weight: 370 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH): 160 cm x 85 cm x 120 cm
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Main specifications
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Material width (mm): 1270
The material thickness (mm): 2

Pan & box brakes SM3-1270x2 is used for bending metal sheets up to 1270mm length and 2mm thickness. The main difference of ours bending machine from other models is segmented three bars: upper bar and bending bar segmented, and also segmented bottom bar. So it lets to bend difficult shapes elements with reverse bends. This additional third segmented bar makes bending machine more functional and lets the user to expand range of elements he can make. Pan & box brakes has pedal mechanism to make work of one operator more convenient and freer his hands while metal fixing process.

In standard set pan & box brakes SM3-1270x2 goes with three segmented bars. Height of upper segments is 30mm, lifting height of upper beam is 40mm. Also in standard set with machine goes four position angle limiter to make production of same angle elements more easier and side notch segments to bend boxes with inside bends.


As additional options you can get:

  1. upper segments 45mm heigh instead of 30mm;

  2. tempering of segments (30 points of hardness instead of 12 points)

  3. cross cutting knife

  4. multifunctional acceptance table to make production of same sizes elements much easier

  5. As an option we can make upper segments as L shape and 100-120mm height



Maximum bending angle of machine is 135 degrees.


Segmented bending machine SM3-1270x2 is equipped with 11 segments of different length: 400мм, 270мм, 200мм, 100мм,75мм, 50мм, 45мм, 40мм, 35мм, 30мм, 25мм so it lets to bend different sizes boxes and elements.


So pan & box brakes SM3-1270x2 with three bars segmented is perfect solution for customers who makes different elements such as façade cassettes and boxes with reverse bends, companies whose field of work is ventilation elements production and air conditioning systems production, construction companies and others who work with metal sheets and produce different elements from it.



To get more information about segmented bending machines we produce please contact our sales department.




Material width (mm) 1270
The material thickness (mm) 2
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