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Additional tools and equipment

Additional tools and equipment
Decoiler of metal is the machine that is used to work with other machines such as: length cutting machines, shears, plate rolling machines, folders, forming machines etc. Decoiler of metal is good when you need to prepare metal for further work with it, so you have to cut it from big rolls with w..

Material width 1250mm :: The maximum weight of the roll 10 tons :: The maximum outside diameter of the roll 1400mm :: inside diameter of the roll 480-620 mm 
Electric seaming machine ESM-1 is used for closing double standing seam lock while roofing installation process. Electric seaming machine closes roofing lock much more faster comparing manual hand seamers.  Seaming machine has four pairs of rolls to close double standing seam lock step by step ..

The material thickness 0.7mm 
Lock seam closing machine LSCM 1300x1.2mm is used for closing single lock on pipes with inside diameter from 80mm, maximum length 1300mm and maximum metal thickness 1.2mm. There is special moving closing mechanism on the machine which contacts with roll and makes possible to close single seam lock. ..

Material width 1300mm :: The material thickness 1,2mm :: The diameter of the pattern min 800mm 
Standing seam hand seamers for double standing seam are used for closing locks on a double standing seam roofing panels. It consists from two tools:  First step hand seamer for bending 90-degree lock. Second step hand seamer for bending 180-degree lock. Before closing, the roofing ..

Swaging machine SW-1 is used for ventilation, conditioner, gutter, chimney and air heating systems productions when it’s necessary to make operation with the end of round pipes. Different operations are possible thanks to special rolls that go in the standard supply set of machine or additional roll..

The material thickness 1.2mm :: Maximum shaft overhang 200mm