Payment and shipment

Delivery machines from ukraine


The location of our company is: Ukraine, the city of Dnepr. We supply equipment for our customers all around Ukraine and it’s easy for us to send our machines to another countries. We have already shipped our electric elbow bending machines, roofing seam machines, manual elbow making machines, manual shears, sheet metal cut to length machines, manual bending machines, rib bending machines, lock forming machines, lock closing machines to: Moldova, Russia, Belorussia, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Riga, Israel etc.

We have representative of our company in Poland that can provide you with all needed information about our machines and the way they could be delivered to your location.

Also he cans deliver any of our machines to your location and help you to adjust and check it in working process.

Our goal is not only to sale you one of our machines but providing a convenient service make a long time partnership business!