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Manual plate bending machine MPBM 1300x1.5

Manual plate bending machine MPBM 1300x1.5

Dimension: 180.00Sm x 50.00Sm x 110.00Sm
Weight: 150.00Kg

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Manual plate bending machine MPBM 1300x1.5 was created to work with sheet metal up to 1300 mm length and 1.5 mm thickness. This machine is widely used while pipe production with cylindric and round shape with different diameters and sizes. Those products are very common in mechanical engineering, construction, while HVAC components production, drainage systems, heating systems, metal structures manufacturing and other business directions. Plate bender is very easy and convenient machine. Sheet metal pass through special bending rolls and get necessary shape and diameter. You can set up bending force with special pressing roll of machine. Adjustment is possible through gear worm pair, operator turns handle, making transmission moment goes to the roll, and put it to the necessary position to make diameter of pipe you need. Plate bending machine MPBM 1300x1.5 is symmetric one, so bottom rolls located symmetrical looking to upper roll.

Machine allows to work with maximum 1.5 mm metal thickness, but thinner metal is also good for rolling. Plate bender is manual machine so possible to use in cold environment, without feeding with electricity, pneumatic or air system for work. 


Rolls diameter is 72 mm so it possible to produce pipes with diameter less than 100 mm.


Also we offer to look at electric plate rolling machine EPRM-1300x1.5 

Using our plate bending machines customers often require other HVAC equipment such as lock closing machines, swaging machines, elbow making machines, sheet metal benders.

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Manual plate bending machine MPBM 1300x1.5
Product Code: MPBM 1300x1.5
Weight 150.00Kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 180.00Sm x 50.00Sm x 110.00Sm
Material width 1300mm
The material thickness 1.5mm


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