Our company provides our clients with various metal machining services. 
Turning and milling are the most requested among our clients. Today we can’t imagine industrial enterprise that can do without them. By turning all kinds of nuts, shafts, couplings and other products are produced. Those parts take an important place in mechanical engineering. 

Modern machining are technological, almost always fully automatic processes. Human involvement is minimal. 
Technological producing of metal parts in our company comes to life using various methods and technics. We use only high-quality imported equipment. We produce parts from different steel grades, brass, stainless steel according to customer’s drawings.  We have staff of qualified technologists, masters and designers who work in close contact with our customers, give them professional advices, calculating all the necessary parameters to get the final result.  

Besides universal milling and turning machines our enterprise has park of CNC turning and milling machines.

Using of modern high-tech equipment can greatly reduce the time of details producing, improve the quality of finished parts and make the final price lower. Thanks to the software all the operations are made with maximum accuracy.

We have vertical machining center Victor A130 with four coordinates. It let us to work with maximum detail sizes 1300x600x700mm and maximum weight 1500kg.

We have CNC turning center Goodway GA2600L.  it can work with detail maximum sizes 1300 length, 500mm diameter, positioning accuracy 0.005mm.

Among important machining operations our enterprise performs metal grinding.

Metal grinding is the final stage of metal products processing. During this process the detail gets necessary surface smoothness. Often this procedure comes after turning or turning-milling works with metal. Our enterprise provides services of flat surface grinding and cylindrical grinding. Names of those operations speaks for themselves. Surface grinding is usually used for flat surface grinding. Circular or cylindrical grinding works are used for details with cone or cylindrical shape. Usually it’s necessary to work with inside and outside part of the detail while cylindrical grinding.

Also at our factory we have heat treating area with all the necessary equipment to provide our clients with hardening and tempering services. We have gear milling machines to make gear milling works.

To start working with us it’s enough to send drawings of the required parts and the number of parts you need to our email address – we will answer you as soon as possible and give you quotation for our work.



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