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Manual elbow machines

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Manual elbow machine MEM-150 forms elbows from round pipes that are used in process of assembling ventilation and drainage systems. The corrugated elbow looks fancy and it could be produced from the pipes with different diameters. There are two types of the Manual elbow machines we make: Manual elbow machine MEM-150 for the pipes from 90mm to 150mm diameter. Manual elbow machine MEM-180 for the pipes from 90mm to 180mm diameter. This Manual elbow machine bends elbows from the pipes in the range from 90 to 150mm.   The elbow machine MEM-150 is manual so it doesn’t need electricity to work.  Manual elbow machine can produce corrugated elbows from the pipes with different diameters thanks to special nozzles. The standard set of nozzles includes three dimensions which you can choose by your own. Also you can purchase additional nozzles so they will let you to make any sizes of downspout elbows you want. To change one nozzle to another one it takes the operator of the manual elbow machine about 5 minutes.  While working nozzlesdon’t damage outside part of the pipes so you can use coated pipes for producing elbows with our manual elbow forming machine. This manual elbow forming machine is very simple to use and it will help you to make high quality products. Our enterprisehas started to produce this kind of the manual elbow forming machines since 2008 so we have great experience in doing our job and can propose the great solution to your business.  To get information about the price of this manual elbowmachine and the way it could be delivered to your location just contact us. We will give you all the information you need.

The material thickness 0.7mm :: The diameter of the pattern 90-150mm