About us

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We are the group of engineers and qualified specialist as: turners, millers, welders, mechanics. We are manufacturers. The love and pride for our job consolidate us. We make machines and equipment for working with metal sheets from 0.3 till 2.0 mm. We produce electric elbow making machines, roofing seam machines, manual elbow making machines, manual shears, sheet metal cut to length machines, manual bending machines, segment sheet metal benders, rib bending machines, lock forming machines, lock closing machines, metal decoilers, swaging machines, beading machines, pipe bending machines, rolling machines. 

Sometimes I’m asked: “Why the name of our company is Evolutioner?”. The answer is simple- we are contra revolution but for Evolution! The evolution has one special thing. It’s not only in quality but in quantity. Everything that remains – is the best. During 10 years of our work we have made more than 1000 machines. We have great experience, we have made all the mistakes we could make, and now we have ready solution for you to be the first!