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Sheet benders

Sheet benders
The principal difference that makes our manual bending machine much more functional than other company’s bending machines it’s the removable upper bar. So it lets you the opportunity to replace the slim upper bar to a bar with another configuration (segmented bar or bar for producing of the corrugat..

Material width 3150mm :: The material thickness 0.7mm  
Segmented bending machine for making façade cassettes, boxes etc. Maximum length 1400mm Maximum metal thickness for bending - 1.2mm  Maximum metal thickness for cutting -0.8mm   A manual sheet bending machine is used for production standard bending element such as different elem..

Material width 1400mm :: The material thickness 1.2mm  
The segment folding machine SM 2020x1.2mm is a machine for bending different elements from the metal sheets with maximum length 2020 mm and maximum thickness 1.2 mm. Usually folding machines are used for producing roofing elements, ventilation elements, drainage system elements etc. But segment f..

Material width 2020mm :: The material thickness 1.2mm